• IP shall produce and promote pioneering research and education in the field of phenomenology.
  • IP will be a national leader in the interdisciplinary applications of phenomenology. 
  • IP aims at revitalizing phenomenology and its relevance across academic disciplines.
  • IP will prioritize collaboration with national and international partners in the field of phenomenology.
  • IP will facilitate an inclusive and supportive working and learning environment for its members.
  • IP will offer an arena for philosophical reflection and academic formation. This includes the challenging of established truths and expanding the boundaries of our knowledge.
  • IP will continue questioning the value of certainty as the goal of knowledge, especially with regard to the experience and representation of the human body.
  • IP will describe phenomena such as incarnation, love, wonder, memory, passivity and responsibility through multidisciplinary seminars, conferences and writing projects

Strategy 2020-2023:

  • IP will increase its external funding, sending at least two applications for major projects and two applications for smaller projects in the three-year period
  • IP will have good practices for career development for its academic members, especially the PhD-students
  • IP will facilitate close contact with master students across disciplines and invite them to participate in activities organized by the research group
  • IP will strengthen the research activities and increase publishing in renowned, international and peer-reviewed journals
  • IP will offer PhD courses that are internationally competitive and of high quality and will increase the visibility of phenomenological research in master´s courses
  • IP will strengthen its visibility through digital platforms and international networking