Methods Workshop

The ENCODE Methods Workshop offers a venue for cooperative work on data analysis and methods development. Main focus is on qualitative approaches.

The workshop is divided further into working groups with focus on specific projects, methods, tools, data sets or other.

Coordinated by: Eva Christina Lentz


Working group 1: Qualitative Interview Data

Coordinated by Eva Christina Lentz

The group works on evaluating interview data from three interviews with German schoolteachers (group 1: nature and science teachers; group 2: social sciences teachers; group 3: language teachers) and their knowlege and understanding of fake news.

The method used for analysis is called "dokumentarische Methode", mainly used in a German speaking context.

1st session: August 15th, 2022 from 13:00-17:00

2nd session: September 9th, 2022 from 12:00-14:00  

3rd session: September 22th, 2022 from 12:00-14:00

4th session: Oktober 21st, 2022 from 12-15:30

5th session: November 7th, 2022 from 9-11


Working group 2: Qualitative Approaches to Digital Methods and Data

Coordinated by Holger Pötzsch

Next session on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 from 12:15 to approx. 13:30 at room A-3021.

Theme: Genious Keenious?

UiT has phased in the automated reference recommendation tool Keenious as an add-on to the MS Word application. In the first workshop of WG2, we will test out this new tool and critically assess its potentials and possible pitfalls. We will among other things look at implications for student supervision and paper evaluation, information literacy, citation as well as reading practices, and more. We do this from Humanities and Social Sciences perspectives that are characterized by a different approach to reading, understanding, citation and more than fields inspired by methods from the natural sciences.

Is Keenious genious? Or do we yet another time see a costly solution without a clear description of the problem to be solved? All interested are welcome.