An overall theme is the implementation and use of telemedical systems in complex health institutions. Key questions circle around how to establish sustainable systems and services, and establish these systems in wide-spread use in different practices. Accordingly, it is crucial to understand how the relationship between technology and the organization plays out in real-life situations.

Some concrete projects:

  • Electronic laboratory requisitions and results between primary care and hospitals
  • National ICT projects (e-prescription, core Patient Records and ELIN-K) with a focus on the integration between healthcare systems in different institutions and the organization of such projects.
  • Electronic nursing care plan with a focus on conceptual themes such as integration, standardization, deployment and use
  • The development of new services and methods, research on clinical use of video conferences, research on the use of e-health services in the population and targeted special patient groups.
  • Several clinically-oriented projects within tele-psychiatry/psycology.