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Institutt for geovitenskap

Gabrielle Emma Kleber


  • Gabrielle Emma Kleber, Leonard Magerl, Alexandra V. Turchyn, Kelly Redeker, Stefan Thiele, Martin Liira m.fl.:
    Shallow and deep groundwater moderate methane dynamics in a high Arctic glacial catchment
    Frontiers in Earth Science 2024 ARKIV / DOI
  • Gabrielle Emma Kleber, Andrew Hodson, Leonard Magerl, Erik Schytt Mannerfelt, Harold J. Bradbury, Yizhu Zhu m.fl.:
    Groundwater springs formed during glacial retreat are a large source of methane in the high Arctic
    Nature Geoscience 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Andrew Hodson, Gabrielle Emma Kleber, Jack Johnson, Michael Lonardi, Chiara Petroselli, Tim Dixon m.fl.:
    Effects of glacier retreat upon glacier-groundwater coupling and biogeochemistry in Central Svalbard
    Journal of Hydrology 2023 ARKIV / DOI

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