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Evgueni Dinvay


  • Magnar Bjørgve, Christian Tantardini, Stig Rune Jensen, Gabriel Adolfo Gerez Sazo, Peter Ariaan Wind, Roberto Di Remigio Eikås m.fl.:
    VAMPyR—A high-level Python library for mathematical operations in a multiwavelet representation
    Journal of Chemical Physics 2024 DOI
  • Evgueni Dinvay, Henrik Kalisch, Emilian Părău :
    Waves generated by moving loads on ice plates: Viscoelastic approximations
    Wave motion 2022 DOI
  • John D. Carter, Evgueni Dinvay, Henrik Kalisch :
    Fully dispersive Boussinesq models with uneven bathymetry
    Journal of Engineering Mathematics 2021 DOI
  • Evgueni Dinvay, Sigmund Selberg, Achenef Tesfahun :
    Well-Posedness for a Dispersive System of the Whitham--Boussinesq Type
    SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 2020 DOI
  • Evgueni Dinvay :
    Well-Posedness for a Whitham–Boussinesq System with Surface Tension
    Mathematical physics, analysis and geometry 2020 DOI
  • Evgueni Dinvay :
    On well-posedness of a dispersive system of the Whitham-Boussinesq type
    Applied Mathematics Letters 2019 DOI
  • Evgueni Dinvay, Henrik Kalisch, Daulet Moldabayev, Emilian I Parau :
    The Whitham equation for hydroelastic waves
    Applied Ocean Research 2019 DOI
  • Evgueni Dinvay, Nikolay G. Kuznetsov :
    Modified Babenko's equation for periodic gravity waves on water of finite depth
    Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics 2019 DOI
  • Evgueni Dinvay, Henrik Kalisch, Emilian I Parau :
    Fully dispersive models for moving loads on ice sheets
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2019 DOI
  • Evgueni Dinvay, Denys Dutykh, Henrik Kalisch :
    A comparative study of bi-directional Whitham systems
    Applied Numerical Mathematics 2018 DOI
  • Evgueni Dinvay, Daulet Moldabayev, Denys Dutykh, Henrik Kalisch :
    The Whitham equation with surface tension
    Nonlinear dynamics 2017 DOI

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