Christopher D'Amboise



Work within the framework of the IMPETUS project with a focus on how the frequency and magnitude of natural hazards will change in a warming climate.

  • Christopher James D'Amboise, Karsten Müller, Laurent Oxarango, Samuel Morin, Thomas Schuler :
    Implementation of a physically based water percolation routine in the Crocus/SURFEX (V7.3) snowpack model
    Geoscientific Model Development 2017 ARKIV / DOI
  • Christopher James D'Amboise, Vilde Edvardsen Hansen, Jordy Hendrikx, Louise Mary Vick :
    The initial steps for a data science investigation on slushflows in northern Norway

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    Publikasjoner utenom Cristin

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    Snow science, Avalanche formation, Wet snow avalanches, Slush flows, Rockfall and Landslides.

    Methods that I have used in my research are computer simulations, statistics, snow pit and field measurements, sensor development, drone flights and machine learning.