Bilde av Schweinberger, Martin
Bilde av Schweinberger, Martin
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Martin Schweinberger

Førsteamanuensis II


I am a language data scientist with a PhD in English linguistics, and I work as a Lab Director and Associate Professor in the AcqVA-Aurora Center here at UiT. In addition, I hold a 20% appointment as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Language Technology at the University of Queensland, Australia where I have been establishing the Language Technology and Data Analysis Laboratory (LADAL).

Publikasjoner utenom Cristin

Schweinberger, Martin. forthc. A corpus-based analysis of adjective amplification among native speakers and learners of English. International Journal of Learner Corpus Research 6(2).

Crosthwait, Peter, Naomi Stroch, and Martin Schweinberger. 2020. Less is more? The impact of written corrective feedback on corpus-assisted L2 error resolution. Journal of Second Language Writing 49.

Schweinberger, Martin. 2020. How Learner Corpus-Research can inform language learning and teaching: An analysis of adjective amplification among L1 and L2 English speakers. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 43(2): 195-217.


I am particularly interested in understaning mechanisms of language variation and change, which factors determine language use and linguistic variability, and processes of L1 and L2 acquisition. The phenomena I have focused on to address these issues are discourse markers and particles, adjective amplifiers, and vowels (vowel formants and durations).  To investiagte these phenomena, I use computational modeling and visualization of linguistic data which is why I am also an avid proponent of Digital Humanities, langauge data science, and Best Practices in language science and improving data management.

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