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Gustavo Guajardo

Postdoktor Institutt for språk og kultur
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2019     Guajardo, G. Goodall G. On the Status of Concordantia Temporum in Spanish: An Experimental Approach. Glossa: A Journal of General LinguisticsView here

2021     Guajardo, G. The Transitivity Index: Using Transitivity as a Continuous Measure to Account for Clitic Case Alternation in Spanish Causative Constructions. PLoS ONEView here

2021     Guajardo, G. Two subjunctives or Three? A Multimodel Analysis of Subjunctive Tense Variation in Complement Clauses in Spanish. International Journal of Corpus LinguisticsView here

2021     Guajardo, G. Co-occurrence Strength and Transitivity Effects on Spanish Clitic Case Variation with Reverse-Psychological Predicates. Frontiers in Psychology. View here

2021     Guajardo, G. Transitivity on a Continuum: The Transitivity Index as a Predictor of Spanish Causatives. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory. View here