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Seksjon for forskning, utdanning og formidling NT-fak Tromsø

Green, Jessica Erin

Rådgiver, Biomolekylær og strukturkjemi, Forskerskolen BioCat

  • Trondsen, Susann; Johansen, Greta K.; Barge, Bente S.; Le Doujet, Typhaine; Hillier, Heidi Therese; Green, Jessica. In the lab/På labben: Biocat. 2020.
  • Green, Jessica. Sophisticated new technology successful in measuring underwater methane distribution in unprecedented detail. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Professor Jürgen Mienert, founding director of CAGE, retires. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. CAGE research featured in new geological exhibition at museum in Tromsø. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. “Oasis of life”- paper one of the most downloaded, highlighting benefits of Open Access publishing. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Fresh water found in the Norwegian Sea. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Changes in ice volume control seabed methane emissions. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Unusual mucous-like substance found buried within seafloor sediment. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. US Naval Academy visits CAGE. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Sunny Singhroha defends thesis on distribution and quantification of gas hydrates and free gas on Vestnesa Ridge. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Kate Waghorn defends thesis on the creation of gas hydrate systems of non-biological origin. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Calvin Shackleton defends thesis on the reconstruction of past ice sheet drainage and meltwater processes. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. CAGE welcomes 4 new employees (and springtime!) to Tromsø. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. CAGE senior scientist promoted to full professor. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. CAGE’s 2018 annual report is now available!. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Gas hydrate workshop brings together early-career researchers with international experts. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Former CAGE director Jürgen Mienert wins Marine Geology award 2 years in a row. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. New cold seep site discovered near Lofoten is a unique example, creating unusual impacts on local lifeforms. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. New mapping interface allows public access to cruise data. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. CAGE researcher leads team in developing most successful numerical model of its kind. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Redesigned CAGE website offers unique and exciting features. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Malin Waage defends thesis on methane indicators in 3D and 4D seismic data. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. Pavel Serov defends thesis on methane gas release at the end of the last ice age. (fulltekst) 2019.
  • Green, Jessica. CAGE researcher serves as cultural bridge between Basque country and the high north. (fulltekst) 2018.
  • Green, Jessica. New research vessel Kronprins Haakon is changing what we know about polar waters. (fulltekst) 2018.
  • Green, Jessica. Kärt Paiste defends thesis on environmental changes after the Great Oxygenation Event. (fulltekst) 2018.
  • Green, Jessica. Pär Jansson defends thesis on methane release in the water column. (fulltekst) 2018.
  • Green, Jessica. Family bonding activity leads to NOK 26 million in funding for CAGE researcher. (fulltekst) 2018.
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