Jonathan Hira



My research is dedicated to exploring the phenotypic heterogeneity of bacterial pathogens at the single-cell level using chemical biology and transcriptomic approach.

  • Jonathan Hira, Klara Stensvåg :
    Evidence for association of Vibrio echinoideorum with tissue necrosis on test of the green sea urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
    Scientific Reports 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jonathan Hira, Md Jalal Uddin, Marius Myreng Haugland, Christian Stephan Lentz :
    From Differential Stains to Next Generation Physiology: Chemical Probes to Visualize Bacterial Cell Structure and Physiology
    Molecules 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jonathan Hira, Deanna Wolfson, Aaron John Christian Andersen, Tor Haug, Klara Stensvåg :
    Autofluorescence mediated red spherulocyte sorting provides insights into the source of spinochromes in sea urchins
    Scientific Reports 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jonathan Hira, Solveig Bentdal, Hege Devold, Klara Stensvåg, Bjarne Landfald :
    Vibrio echinoideorum sp. nov., isolated from an epidermal lesion on the test of a green sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis)
    International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 2019 DOI
  • Voin Petrovic, Anala Nepal, Camilla Olaisen, Siri Bachke, Jonathan Hira, Caroline Krogh Søgaard m.fl.:
    Anti-Cancer Potential of Homemade Fresh Garlic Extract Is Related to Increased Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
    Nutrients 05. april 2018 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jonathan Hira, Bhupender Singh, Theresa Maria Wagner, Kristin Hegstad, Mona Susan Johannessen, Christian Stephan Lentz :
    A high-throughput platform for phenotypic profiling of bacteria coupled to single cell-derived growth analysis
  • Jonathan Hira, Bhupender Singh, Clément Ajayi, Mona Susan Johannessen, Christian Stephan Lentz :
    Sorting out their differences – High-throughput phenotypic profiling of single cells and subpopulations within isogenic bacterial pathogen cell populations
  • Klara Stensvåg, Ekaterina Mishchenko, Hans-Matti Blencke, Andrea Iselin Elvheim, Christoffer Ågnes, Ataur Rahman m.fl.:
    Health beneficial antimicrobials from marine natural Arctic and sub-Arctic resources
    2022 PROSJEKT
  • Haakon Knutsen, Jonathan Hira, Tor Haug, Klara Stensvåg :
    Naphthoquinone pigments from the green sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
    UiT Norges arktiske universitet 2021
  • Ataur Rahman, Manuel Karl Langer, Hymonti Dey, Jonathan Hira, Ekaterina Mishchenko, Annette Bayer m.fl.:
    Novel antimicrobial and biofilm-inhibitors from marine resources
  • Taslima Musa, Md.Mahbubul Islam, Jonathan Hira :
    A strategical omics approach for the discrimination across Vibrio neighborhoods
  • Jonathan Hira, Deanna Wolfson, Tor Haug, Klara Stensvåg :
    A simplified and robust method for isolating red spherule cells, and important immune cell of echinoderms
  • Jonathan Hira, Klara Stensvåg, Bjarne Landfald, Tor Haug :
    Host-pathogen interaction. Sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis) lesion syndrome and Vibrio bacteria
    UiT Norges arktiske universitet 2019
  • Klara Stensvåg, Jonathan Hira, Ekaterina Mishchenko, Hans-Matti Blencke, Morten B. Strøm, Bjarne Landfald m.fl.:
    Marine antimicrobial peptides – an inspiration for new compounds to fight bacteria
  • Solveig Bentdal, Jonathan Hira, Brian Guennigsman, Bjarne Landfald, Klara Stensvåg :
    Creating database for identification of marine bacteria using MALDI-TOF MS

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    Broad interest in bacterial single cell biology in relation to host-pathogen interactions, disease occurrences, development and comparative immunology, and anti-microbial compound identification from natural resources using multi-omics approach

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