Bilde av Piotrowski, Yvonne
Bilde av Piotrowski, Yvonne
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Piotrowski, Yvonne

Forsker, Biomolekylær og strukturkjemi, Norstruct

  • A. Fernandes, Yvonne Piotrowski, Adele Kim Williamson, K. Frade, Elin Moe :
    Studies of multifunctional DNA polymerase I from the extremely radiation resistant Deinococcus radiodurans: Recombinant expression, purification and characterization of the full-length protein and its large fragment
    Protein Expression and Purification 2021 DOI
  • Yvonne Piotrowski, Man Kumari Gurung, Atle Noralf Larsen :
    Characterization and engineering of a DNA polymerase reveals a single amino-acid substitution in the fingers subdomain to increase strand-displacement activity of A-family prokaryotic DNA polymerases
    BMC Molecular and Cell Biology 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Yvonne Piotrowski, Kristel Berg, David P. Klebl, Ingar Leiros, Atle Noralf Larsen :
    Characterization of an intertidal zone metagenome oligoribonuclease and the role of the intermolecular disulfide bond for homodimer formation and nuclease activity
    FEBS Open Bio 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Yvonne Piotrowski, Netsanet Gizaw Assefa, Ronny Helland, Kirsti Merete Johannessen, Nils Peder Willassen, Atle Noralf Larsen :
    Enzymes from the Arctic - The cold gold
  • Yvonne Piotrowski, Netsanet Gizaw Assefa, Ronny Helland, Kirsti Merete Johannessen, Bjarne Landfald, Arne O. Smalås m.fl.:
    Enzymes from the Arctic - The cold gold
  • Yvonne Piotrowski, Kirsti Merete Johannessen, Netsanet Gizaw Assefa, Bjarne Landfald, Arne O. Smalås, Trond Ø. Jørgensen m.fl.:
    MabCent - Discovery of arctic marine enzymes

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    Larsen A.N., Piotrowski Y., “Position based increase in application relevant properties”. Patent application filed in UK December 2017

    Larsen A.N., Piotrowski Y., Assefa N.G., Lanes O. ”Marine DNA polymerase”. Patent application filed in UK March 2016, Patent Application No. 1604876.1

    Larsen A.N., Piotrowski Y., Willassen N.P., Lanes O., Lorentzen M.S., Solstad T., Andreassen E., Elde M. ”Heat Labile Exonucleases” International Patent Application, PCT/EP2015/001703



    Enzyme engineering

    Innovation research

    Protein crystallography

    Synthetic biology

    Outreach activities (Science Days, recruitment)


    since 09/2009 - Researcher at NorStruct, Department of Chemistry, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, Norway

    ChimPol – Chimeric DNA polymerases as enzymatic drivers for single cell genomics (Mabit program, March 2019 - March 2020)

    MarSynth – Marine DNA modifying enzymes for synthetic biology (NRC, BIOTEK2021, July 2017 - July 2020)

    Marine DNA polymerases as engines for single cell genomics (Mabit program, Febr. 2017 - Febr. 2018)

    MDxPol – Marine DNA polymerases as tools for next generation molecular diagnostics solution (NRC, FORNY2020, Oct. 2016 - October 2018)

    Optimization and application of marine cold-adapted DNA polymerases (NRC, BIOTEK2021, Oct. 2013 - Oct. 2016)

    MabCent – Enzyme discovery in the Centre for research-based Innovation on marine bioactives and drug discovery (NRC, Aug. 2009 - Oct. 2013)


    09/2004 - 01/2010

    Doctoral research study at the University of Lübeck, Germany, Institute of Biochemistry, Germany, PhD thesis: "The coronavirus X-domain - Crystallographic and biochemical analysis of viral homologues of macro domain proteins", supervisor: Prof. Dr. R. Hilgenfeld


    10/1999 - 08/2004

    Study of biochemistry at Greifswald University, Germany, Dept. of Biotechnology & Enzyme Catalysis, Institute of Biochemistry, diploma thesis: "Developing a method for the in vivo-evolution of esterases", supervisor: Prof. Dr. U.T. Bornscheuer

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