Bilde av Rochat, Eloïse
Bilde av Rochat, Eloïse
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Eloïse Rochat



For my PhD, I am now working on the impacts of multiple stressors on fish-parasite interactions at The Arctic University of Norway under the supervision of Rune Knudsen (Arctic University of Norway), Isabel Blasco Costa (Natural History Museum of Geneva and Arctic University of Norway) and Rachel Paterson (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research).



  • Gabrielle Grenier, Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Rune Muladal, Hallvard Jensen, Rune Knudsen :
    Salmon-lice as a potential threat to anadromous Arctic charr populations
    Journal of Fish Diseases 25. januar 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jan Brabec, Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Rune Knudsen, Tomas Scholz, Isabel Blasco Costa :
    Mining various genomic resources to resolve old alpha-taxonomy questions: A test of the species hypothesis of the Proteocephalus longicollis species complex (Cestoda: Platyhelminthes) from salmonid fishes
    International Journal for Parasitology 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Rachel Paterson, Isabel Blasco Costa, Michael Power, Colin E. Adams, Ron Greer m.fl.:
    Temporal stability of polymorphic Arctic charr parasite communities reflects sustained divergent trophic niches
    Ecology and Evolution 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Eloïse Rochat, Jakob Brodersen, Isabel Blasco Costa :
    Conspecific migration and environmental setting determine parasite infracommunities of non-migratory individual fish
    Parasitology 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Eloïse Rochat, Peter J. Unmack, Isabel Blasco-Costa :
    High diversity of metazoan parasites in carp gudgeons (Eleotridae: Hypseleotris spp.) from Eastern Australia
    Journal of Helminthology 2020 DOI
  • Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Hedda Auestad Nilsen, Gabrielle Iréne Adrienne Grenier, Rune Knudsen :
    Parasite infections in anadromous Arctic charr from Northern Norway
  • Cristina Llopis-Belenguer, Jan Brabec, Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Pierre Marle, Michael Power, Rune Knudsen m.fl.:
    Host attributes determine differences in the parasite community of recently speciated hosts
  • Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Isabel Blasco-Costa, Haakon Hansen, Robert Poulin, Rune Knudsen, Rachel Paterson :
    Long-term recovery of a wild parasite community after a mass eradication
  • Patricia Chiquet, Jacqueline Studer, Khady Diouf Goudiaby, Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Abdoulaye Bakhoum :
    Nouvelle collection d'automne 2022 - Les Poissons de la Falémé
  • Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Pierre Marle, Françoise Pozet, Isabel Blasco-Costa :
    First record of Clinostomum complanatum (Trematoda: Digenea) in perch (Perca fluviatilis) from the river Doubs (France)
  • Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Rachel A. Paterson, Isabel Blasco-Costa, Michael Power, Colin E. Adams, Rune Knudsen :
    Temporal stability of polymorphic Arctic charr parasite communities reflect sustained divergent trophic niches
  • Eloïse Coralie Rochat, Jakob Brodersen, Isabel Blasco-Costa :
    Conspecific migration and environmental setting determine parasite infracommunities of non-migratory individual fish
  • Eloïse Coralie Rochat :
    Diversity of trout parasites in the streams flowing into Lake Lucerne
    2018 FULLTEKST

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    BIO-2508 Aquaculture

    BIO-3011 Advances in Aquaculture

    BIO-3519 Parasites and epidemiology

    Medlem i forskningsgruppe


    Scientific research experience

    • Since 2020                      Ph.D. student – ​​UiT the Arctic University of Norway – NORWAY. Project: I will assess the influence of environmental and anthropological stressors on the parasite diversity and ecology in freshwater fish Project PI: Prof. Knudsen, Dr. Blasco-Costa, and Dr. Paterson.
    • May-June 2019              Research assistant - Natural History Museum of Geneva - SWITZERLAND. Project:  I worked on ecological parasitology of whitefish from lakes in Switzerland. I dissected whitefish from three lakes, collected, identified, and preserved their parasites for later morphological and molecular analyses. Project PI: Dr. Blasco-Costa.
    • February-April 2019      Research Internship - Institute for Applied Ecology, University of Canberra - AUSTRALIA. Project: I worked on parasites of freshwater fish in streams around Canberra. In collaboration with Dr. Peter Unmack, I collected and dissected multiple native and introduced fish species (carp gudgeons, flathead gudgeons, Australian smelt and mosquitofish) in order to characterize their parasite faunas. Then, mounted the specimens for morphological identification in permanent slides and extracted DNA and amplified ribosomal genes to molecularly analyze the parasite species present. The goal of the internship was to provide the first assessment of the parasite community of freshwater carp gudgeons native to Australia. Project PI: Dr. Unmack.
    • 2018-2019                   Research assistant - Natural History Museum of Geneva - SWITZERLAND. Project: I worked 4 months on the parasite community of whitefish from Swiss lakes. I dissected different species of whitefish and collected, identified, and processed the parasites for morphological and molecular analyses. Project PI: Dr. Blasco-Costa.
    • 2017                            Collaboration - Haute Ecole du Paysage, d’Ingénierie et d’architecture de Genève (hepia) - SWITZERLAND. Project: I participated in the morphological and molecular identification of the parasites species infecting the wels catfish, as a collaboration with Marius Vuagnat-Kolter for his Master project “Preliminary study of the spatial and trophic niche of Silurus glanis at the edge of colonizing the alpine Lake Geneva (Switzerland)." Project PI: Dr. Cattaneo.
    • September 2017         Collaboration – UiT the Arctic University of Norway- NORWAY. Project: I was invited by my MSc supervisor (Dr. Blasco-Costa) and a team of Norwegian researchers to participate in an international research project to collect whitefish (Coregonus lavaterus species complex) and examine their parasites during 5 weeks of intensive fieldwork in Norway. Project PI: Drs. Blasco-Costa and Knudsen.
    • 2016-2018                  Research Internship – Department of invertebrates - Natural History Museum of Geneva - SWITZERLAND. Project: My Master's research project focused on the parasite diversity of brown trout in streams around Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. I dissected about 300 trout individuals, collected and identified their parasite species using both morphological and molecular approaches. The goal was to examine the effect of host migration and the source of the water in the stream (ground- versus surface-water-fed streams) that influenced the diversity of the parasite communities of juvenile trout. During this internship, I also had the opportunity to dissect newts and bats. Project PI: Drs. Blasco-Costa and Mariaux.
    • 2013-2014                  Internship - André Paillot high school - Saint Genis Laval - FRANCE. Project: Group project assessing with the dosage and identification of fatty acids in spreads. We also set up a testing protocol that we then implemented over a week as part of my BTSA (higher technician certificate agriculture certificate). Project PI: Dr. Isabelle Blancan.
    • July-October 2013     Research Internship - laboratory LANE - University of Geneva - SWITZERLAND. Project: I contributed during this internship to the study of the Nile crocodile embryo jaw's skin. I set and treated embryos to mount their jaws in paraffin pieces and cut with a microtome. I then mounted these sections on slides and stained them with different colorants (histological-staining or immunostaining) to analyze them. Then, I analyzed the immunostaining result and used the histological-staining to measure the epithelium thickness. Project PI: Dr. Athanasia Tzika



    • Since 2020 PhD Candidate in Parasitology/Freshwater Ecology – UiT the Arctic University of Norway - NORWAY
    • 2018 Master in Biodiversity and Systematics – University of Geneva - SWITZERLAND
    • 2016  Bachelor in Organism and Population Biology – University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - FRANCE
    • 2014  Technician Certificate (BTS) in Biological and Biotechnology Analysis - André Paillot High School - Saint Genis Laval - FRANCE
    • 2013  BAFA (Certificate of Aptitude to the functions of Animator) – Option “Outdoor games” 
    • 2012  Technological Baccalaureate - Science and Technology of Agronomy and Life - Agricultural High School Edouard Herriot - Cibeins – FRANCE