Access to systems, services and resources at UiT

UiT Access (UiT Tilgang) is a common Tilgang management system at UiT. UiT Access (UiT Tilgang) manages user accounts that provide employees, students, and guests access to various IT systems, services, and resources.

Creation of user accounts for employees and students is automated based on data from the payroll system (SAP) and the student system (FS). In addition, the Guest Service GREG is used to provide guest accounts with corresponding access.

Here's how to use UiT Tilgang as:

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Norsk nettside: UiT Tilgang. 

User Guides

For questions about guest accounts, please contact the hosts at the unit you are affiliated with. You can find a list of hosts in the dropdown menu "Hosts in the Guest Service".

If you encounter any errors or issues with the website, please feel free to send an inquiry to