Bilde av Bergman, Sanne
Bilde av Bergman, Sanne
Norges arktiske universitetsmuseum Tromsø

Sanne Bergman



In my Ph D. project I study ancient marine Arctic ecosystems using genetic methods.

By extraction of ancient eDNA from sediments (sedaDNA) the aim is to identify eukaryote organisms from the last Ice Age and reconstruct past communities that lived during that time-period. My project will investigate how past ecosystems may have responded to climate warming in the past- and model potential responses of modern Arctic communities to future climate change.

  • Andreas Altenburger, Sanne Bergman, Joel Vikberg Wernström, Vanessa Molin Paynter, Melissa Michelle Brandner :
    Pop up forskningsstasjon: "Undervannsdroner og liv i fjæra"
    Forskningsdagene, 2022 2022

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