spring 2021
MAS-2603 Hydraulic Systems and Oil Hydraulics - 10 ECTS

Last changed 11.08.2021

Application deadline

1. December

Type of course

The course can be taken as single course.

Admission requirements

General study qualification with Mathematics R1+R2 and Physics FYS1. Application code: 9391 campus students; 5198 online.

Course content

Basic concepts of fluids. Hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. Basic hydromechanics with ideal and real fluids. Energy conservation equation and mass conservation equation. Flow in the piping systems including networks. Pressure loss calculation through pipes. Pumps, water turbines and fans.

Basic schematic drawings. Sizing and selection of hydraulics motors and pumps. Pressure / volume-regulating valves: types, construction methods. Direction regulating valves: types, construction methods. Accumulators. Filters. Designing of complex hydraulic systems. Introduction to lubrication applications.

Recommended prerequisites

BYG-2503 Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics, TEK-1504 Physics, TEK-1507 Mathematics 1, TEK-1510 Mathematics 1 (3-semester), TEK-1516 Mathematics 2

Objectives of the course


Students should be given the knowledge on pipe systems, turbo machinery, pumps, water turbine systems and fans. Students will be able to dimension the pump, choosing the right pump type, understand the different water turbine construction and sizing of fans

Students will also be given knowledge of design and use of oil hydraulic power transmission systems and control systems. Students will be able to read wiring diagrams and descriptions in the instruction books and manuals. Students will also gain knowledge of modern management and regulation of hydraulic system using proportional hydraulics

The student will be able to apply relevant information for this type of work (LU-M-K-5)


Students will be able to design a system consisting of pumps, piping, supports, valves and other required elements to fulfil the power requirements stablished

Students will be able to read schematic drawings and have been given training in troubleshooting the oil hydraulic systems

Students should also be able to design oil hydraulic systems for industrial and mobile equipment

The skills will be useful in the bachelor thesis (LU-M-F-1.5)

General competences

Students can participate in product development and production systems and help in practical assessments, testing and simulation in terms of resource use, economics and security (LU-M-G-1.2).

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

Lectures, laboratory work and exercises with guidance.


Mandatory work

For admission to the examination, the following tasks be submitted and approved:

It will totally be released 15 submissions. 12 of the said submissions should be delivered within the time limit described and approved. Furthermore, it will be conducted four laboratory exercises that everyone must be approved


The final grade is determined based on a 5 hour written exam. The exam must satisfy the minimum requirements of main themes to be considered as passed (grade E). The final grade will be given in letter grades A-F.

Continuing access is granted for students who have not passed the last ordinary arranged exam in this course.

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  • Campus: Narvik | Mo i Rana | Annet | Nettbasert |
  • ECTS: 10
  • Course code: MAS-2603