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INF-3990 Master's Thesis in Computer Science - 60 ECTS

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Type of course

The course is solely for students on the Computer Science - master (2-year) and is not available to any other category of students as a singular or elective course. Normally, the master thesis can not be done in groups of students. Students who are admitted to the master's programme normally choose a project in the course at the latest one month before the end of the second semester. I.e. Normally, at the latest in May in the second semester for those students who were admitted in the previous autumn semester. A supervision contract should be delivered 2 weeks after the student have started on the master project.

Course content

Master's Thesis in Computer Science. The professional content will depend on the profile of the chosen paper. Contact the Department of Computer Science no later than in the end of the second semester of the study. The master thesis project has to be approved by the Department Council according to an application in the form of a supervision contract along with a project description. Ordinary registration to the exam via Studentweb.

Objectives of the course

The student can plan and conduct a limited research project independently within the chosen discipline of computer science, and in a scientific way discuss and report the results of the study in relation to existing literature in the field.

Language of instruction and examination

The master's thesis has to be written in English or Norwegian / Scandinavian.

Teaching methods

Individual guidance and supervision according to agreement. According to capacity and requirement, projects are offered in the spring or fall semester. Normally 2 semesters duration.


The exam includes submission of an individual thesis within a set deadline, and an oral exam within 6 weeks if the submitted thesis is approved. The submission deadline is set in connection with approval of the supervision contract for the master thesis. The oral exam consists of a public presentation by the student of his/her work of at least 30 minutes in length with the examiners being present followed by an oral examination/conversation with the examiners about the project. One common grade will be given.

Grading scale: Letter grades A-E, F - Fail.

Re-submitting the thesis: Only if a master's project has been assigned the grade "F" (fail) can the project be resubmitted in revised or supplemented form. A new deadline for submission will be stipulated. For a 60 credit master project the deadline is a further 3 months from the point in time when the candidate was informed about the failed exam result. After a thesis has been failed twice application can be made to the Department programme board in order to get a new project assignment.

Postponed submission: If a medical certificate is provided the student is given a postponed deadline for submitting the master's thesis according to regulations in section 21 in Regulations for examinations at the UiT. If the project cannot be delivered within the specified time limit a three-month extension can be applied if there are compelling reasons for the application. The postponement of up to 3 months counts for both part-time and full-time students. The Department programme board can approve or reject the application.

Non-submission of thesis: If a project is not submitted within the stipulated time limit and any application for postponement has not been granted the candidate will be reported as not being present ("ikke møtt") at the examination. The student can then apply to the Department programme board for assignment of a new project.

See regulations in: Supplementary provisions for the two years master's degree programme (120 credits)

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