autumn 2020
ENG-1122 Introduction to Literature - 10 ECTS

Last changed 24.02.2021

Application deadline

Applicants from Nordic countries: 1 June for courses offered in the autumn semester and 1 December for courses offered in the spring semester.

Exchange students and Fulbright students: 15 April for courses offered in the autumn semester and 1 October for courses offered in the spring semester.

Type of course

This course may be taken as a single course. A good command of oral and written English is recommended.

Admission requirements

Higher Education Entrance Qualification (generell studiekompetanse) or prior learning and work experience (realkompetanse).

A good command of oral and written English is recommended.

Application code: 9199 - Enkeltemner (ikke realfag), lavere grad (Nordic applicants).

Course content

This semester we will read a diverse selection of literature in multipe genres. We will learn to understand and apply the methods of formal literary critique, a methodology that aims to improve students' abillity to interpret and appreciate literature in different historical and social contexts. In addition, emphasis will be put on the manner in which interpretation and analysis are articulated effectively in academic writing.

Objectives of the course


The student has:

  • An understanding of generic conventions and innovative techniques that contribute to the development of several literary forms, such as poetry, short stories, novels and plays


The student is able to:

  • Read critically and interpret a variety of literary texts
  • Recognize and use terminology related to the formal analysis of literature
  • Explain ideas in a succinct, coherent manner and support them with close readings of texts
  • Express complex ideas in precise and correct English

Language of instruction

Language of instruction and examination: English.

Teaching methods

13 weeks of teaching (4 hours of teaching per week). 

Quality assurance: All courses undergo a halfway evaluation once in a 3-year period at the bachelor's level. The Programme Board determines which programme options will be evaluated per year, and which courses will be evaluated by the students and the teacher per year.


The following coursework requirements must me completed and approved in order to take the final exam:

Coursework requirements:

  • An essay (1200-1500 words) that focuses on one or two of the literary works on the reading list, plus a rough draft for the essay. All written works is based on the following standard: Times New Roman, 12, 1,5, 2,5 cm.
  • Students must also complete the iKomp course offered through the library while enrolled in this course (

The exam will consist of:

  • A 6-hour written (digital) school exam in WISEflow.

Performance in the course will be assessed on a graded scale of five marks from A to E for pass and F for fail. A re-sit examination is offered in the event of F/fail. The deadline to register (in the Studentweb) for the re-sit examination is 15 January (for courses offered in the autumn semester) and 15 August (for courses offered in the spring semester).


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  • ECTS: 10
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