spring 2024
STE-3603 Digital Signal Processing and Control - 5 ECTS

Type of course

The course can be taken as a single course.

Admission requirements

A relevant undergraduate Bachelor Engineering program with minimum 25 credits mathematics, 5 credits statistics, 7,5 credits physics

Application code 9371

Course overlap

If you pass the examination in this course, you will get an reduction in credits (as stated below), if you previously have passed the following courses:

STE6219 Discrete-time Signal Processing 5 stp

Course content

Discrete-time signal and systems, z-transform, discrete-fourier transform, fast-fourier transform, sampling, discretization, frequency response, impulse response, filter design techniques, correlation, convolution, interpolation, decimation.

Objectives of the course

After passing the course, students will have the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding:

The candidate

- Has thorough knowledge of core concepts within digital signal processing and digital control.

- Can analyze formulated signal processing problems and identify methods to solve these.


The candidate

- Can use relevant methods within the field.

- Can utilize existing interpretations and relevant methods within the field to accomplish a task.


The candidate

- Can analyze relevant digital signal processing and digital control problems.

- Can use the knowledge of concepts, theories and methods in digital signal processing and digital control in other engineering areas.

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

Classroom lectures and written exercises. The course takes two weeks, each of 20 hours. Each day is usually 3 hours of lectures, 1 hour of problem solving session and 4 hours of exercises.



Examination: Duration: Grade scale:
Oral exam 35 Minutes A–E, fail F

Coursework requirements:

To take an examination, the student must have passed the following coursework requirements:

Mandatory handins Approved – not approved
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More info about the coursework requirements

A number of mandatory assignments will need to be completed. The number of mandatory assignments will be disclosed at the start of the course.

More info about the oral exam

The course is evaluated by oral examination.

Re-sit examination

A re-sit exam will be arranged for this course.
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  • ECTS: 5
  • Course code: STE-3603
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