Opportunity for PhD students to present their work at the Arctic Circle Assembly, held from 19 to 21 October 2018 in Reykjavik, Iceland

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Opprettet: 17.05.18 17:51
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University of the Arctic is partnering with Quebec in the 'My Northern Project" competition to bring PhD students to the Arctic Circle in Reykjavik.


This call for applications is open to PhD students from UArctic member institutions outside Québec working in the field of northern or Arctic research. The goal of this call is to identify six finalists that UArctic will select to represent UArctic and present their work at the Arctic Circle Assembly, held from 19 to 21 October 2018 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

 PhD students from UArctic member institutions outside of Québec are eligible to apply. Another six finalists representing Québec, Canada, will also be present in Reykjavik. Together the 12 finalists will give their presentations at a plenary session at the Arctic Circle. Presentations are five minutes long, in open format using a maximum of ten slides (without videos). The language of the presentations is English.


Applications including the following attachments should be sent to the UArctic International Secretariat (secretariat@uarctic.org) by May 28, 2018:


Application cover letter with the applicant’s name, name of sending UArctic member university, name of the PhD topic, name of supervisor, expected year of graduation

  • Letter of recommendation      from the supervisor (at a UArctic member institution outside of Québec)
  • A 300-word abstract of the      topic/presentation
  • Letter of motivation by the      applicant


All candidates are required to secure funding for their travel, accommodation as well as conference fee themselves.


UArctic will make the selection from the applications received by the deadline. This selection will be primarily based on the academic quality and societal relevance of the topic. In addition, UArctic aims at an overall balance with the group’s selection on areas of northern research, geographical distribution, as well as gender balance. A committee consisting of UArctic’s leadership will select the six finalists who will be invited to present their project in Iceland. The successful candidates will be informed on June 5.


For more information, please contact the UArctic International Secretariat at secretariat@uarctic.org.

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