International conference on Johan Turi

Dato/tid: 25.03.2011 10:15 - 25.03.2011 14:45
Sted: SVHUM E0101
Målgruppe: Alle

The University of Tromsø organized a conference on Johan Turi on November 11, 2010, in which all presentations were made in Sámi. The background for this conference was the one-hundredth anniversary of the publication of Johan Turi’s first book Muitalus sámiid birra [An Account of the Sámi] in 1910. In the year 2010, the book came out in a new edition, based directly on Turi’s original handwritten manuscript. As a follow-up to this first conference, the University of Tromsø is now organizing a second conference on Johan Turi’s career as an author, with the presentations delivered in English. A new translation of Turi’s book has been completed on the basis of the new Sami edition and is slated to appear in 2011.

The conference will feature presentations on Johan Turi’s relations with Emilie Demant Hatt and other figures important in the publication of Muitalus. The presentations will also address the significance of Turi’s book as a source of knowledge concerning Sámi culture and will supply background information on the new English translation. Program.

The invited speakers are:

Professor Thomas A. DuBois, University of Wisconsin‐Madison

Professor Kristin Kuutma, University of Tartu

Ph.D. Coppélie Cocq, Umeå University

Author Barbara Sjoholm, Port Townsend, Washington


All are cordially welcome to attend.


Harald Gaski, Dept. of Culture and Literature

Mikael Svonni, Dept. of Language and Linguistics


The conference is sponsored by The Research Council of Norway.



International Conference on Johan Turi, March 25, 2011

Moderator: Harald Gaski, University of Tromsø

10.15 – 10.30       Mikael Svonni, University of Tromsø: Opening remarks

10.30 – 11.10       Barbara Sjoholm: "How the Book Muittalus Samid Birra was Created: Johan Turi's Classic Sámi Narrative as a Publishing Project."

11.10 – 11.50       Kristin Kuutma, University of Tartu: "Encounters to Negotiate Sámi Ethnography: The Collaboration Between Emilie Demant Hatt and Johan Turi.“

11.50 – 13.15       Lunch break

13.15 – 13.55       Coppélie Cocq, Umeå University: "Storytelling as a source and resource to knowledge: the example of Johan Turi."

13.55 – 14.35       Thomas A. DuBois, University of Wisconsin‐Madison: “Translating Turi: How a Translator's Choices Shape(d) Outside Perceptions of Tone, Agenda, and Audience in the English Translation of Muitalus sámiid birra.

14.35 – 14.45       Harald Gaski, University of Tromsø: Closing remarks


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