Per Espen Stoknes

Per Espen Stoknes, PhD, teaches strategy, green economics and futures thinking at Norwegian Business School in Oslo. He is co-founder of two green technology companies and serves as coach and consultant to international industry and Norwegian government. He is also Co-founder of the Alliance for Wild Ethics ( ) and author of three books in eco-psychology, the latest is Money and Soul, 2009. A book on the new psychology of climate is forthcoming.

Per Espen is also musician, author and eco-psychologist with a special curiosity in how psyche and nature are interwoven. He is a teacher at a new masters program in expressive arts at University College of Buskerud & Vestfold, and director at the Norwegian Institute for Expressive Arts, Oslo.

The Psychological Climate Paradox: From Challenge to Change

Climate science has provided ever more reliable data and models over the last 20-30 years indicating increasingly severe impacts in the coming decades and centuries. Nonetheless public concern for climate change and the issue’s perceived importance has been declining over the last decades, giving less public support for ambitious climate policies. Rational climate communication strategies have failed to resolve this “climate paradox”. The presentation reviews the psychology of the climate paradox and five new emerging strategies for how to resolve it in the coming decades.

The Psychologicial Climate Paradox: From Challenge to Change - Per Espen Stoknes from UArctic on Vimeo. (PDF)

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