Steven R. Jackson

Steven Jackson disputerer for ph.d.-graden i ingeniørvitenskap og vil offentlig forsvare avhandlingen / Steven Jackson will defend his thesis for the PhD degree in Engineering Science:

“The Impact of Ambient Temperature on Low Carbon Energy Supply - Modelling and optimization studies on the supply of hydrogen energy from northern Norway”

Avhandlingen er tilgjengelig her / The doctoral thesis is available here.

Auditoriet er åpent for publikum. Disputasen vil også bli strømmet. Opptak av disputasen vil være tilgjengelig i en måned.

The auditorium is open to the public. The defense will still be streamed. A recording of the disputation will be available for one month.


Prøveforelesningen starter kl. 10:15 / The trial lecture starts at 10:15. Tittel / title:  

“Carbon capture processes for blue hydrogen production – current status and future outlook”


Disputasen starter kl. 12:15 / The defense starts at 12:15.

Prøveforelesning og disputas strømmes her / The trial lecture and defense will be streamed here.

De som ønsker å opponere ex auditorio kan sende e-post til leder av disputasen, professor Raymond Kristiansen.

Opponents ex auditorio should sign up to leader of defense by e-mail to professor Raymond Kristiansen.


Sammendrag av avhandlingen / Summary of the thesis:

To avoid the worst impacts of climate change a rapid green energy transition is required where traditional fossil fuels are replaced by low-carbon alternatives. One attractive route to emissions reduction is blue hydrogen, which has lower CO2 emissions that traditional hydrogen production. For hydrocarbon exporters, increased blue hydrocarbon production can be achieved in two main ways: continued gas export with end-user-based hydrogen production or in-country hydrogen production and export. The cold climate in Norway provides a particular advantage to the performance of some industrial processes. A good example of this being the LNG plant at Melkøya, which is the most efficient of its type. Several other processes associated with blue hydrogen production could also benefit from low ambient temperature, increasing the attractiveness of in-country hydrogen production and potentially better supporting a future green hydrogen economy. The work summarised in this thesis includes a set of process optimization studies that look at the impact of ambient temperature on performance for several key links in the blue hydrogen supply chain. Along with this, a supply chain model is developed for a scenario where hydrogen is supplied from northern Norway to the UK. The focus of the work is process modelling and optimization, and several new sets of performance data are developed for important industrial processes. The main conclusion of this study is that the advantage offered by low ambient temperature in northern Norway is sufficient to make the export of blue hydrogen more efficient that a conventional LNG export based scenario over a range of realistic operating cases. The implication of this is that the basis for projects based on a conventional approach should be considered in more detail to ensure that they are based on a sound footing.


Veiledere / Supervisors:

Hovedveileder / Main supervisor:

Associate Professor Eivind Brodal, Department of Automation and Process Engineering, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Medveiledere / Co-supervisors:

Professor Lars Erik Øi, Department of Process, Energy and Environmental Technology, University of South-Eastern Norway.

Associate Professor Hassan Abbas Khawaja, Department of Automation and Process Engineering, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.


Bedømmelseskomité / Evaluation committee:

Dr. Hyungwoong Ahn, Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh (1st opponent).

Associate Professor Bjørn Austbø, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, NTNU (2nd opponent).

Professor Jinmei Lu, Department of Technology and Safety, UiT The Arctic University of Norway (administrator of the committee).


Prøveforelesning og disputas ledes av prodekan, professor Raymond Kristiansen / The trial lecture and defense is led by Vice Dean, Professor Raymond Kristiansen.

Når: 10. desember 2021 kl. 10.15–15.00
Hvor: Farmasibygget: Tabletten (F1.101)
Studiested: Digitalt, Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne, inviterte
Kontakt: Audun Reigstad
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