Women of Mathematics - Matematiske kvinner

Entering the field of mathematics can be tough, and women often encounter specific obstacles. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the world of mathematics through photographs of women mathematicians throughout Europe.

Mathematics was and maybe still  is considered as a male dominated discipline and in particular women often encounter specific obstacles when entering the field of mathematics. The exhibition Women of Mathematics offers a view into the world of mathematics through  the lens of photographer Noel Tovia Matoff  (Berlin) and features prominent examples of  women working in mathematics. The exhibitions has already traveled around the world and has been shown in more than 60 places and it will be shown at UiT in Tromsø starting August 20th. In particular, thanks to generous support of Tromsø Research Foundation,  it will now also feature the portrait of the Norwegian mathematician Ragni Piene. To open the exhibition there will be a small ceremony on Tuesday August 20th.

15:00 Opening words, Rektor Anne Husebekk and Head of Department of Mathematics and Statistics Martin Rypdal

15:15 "Clever girls’ stories: the girl they called a nerd", Trine Foyn, PhD-student, OsloMet.

16:00 Discussion/interview with Ragni Piene, Karin Baur and Sandra Dirocco. With Cordian Reiner.

17:00 Refreshments and walking through the exhibition.

Accompanied by musical programme with Tromsø akademiske kvinnekor, TAKk.




Clever girls’ stories: the girl they called a nerd

Trine Foyn, https://www.oslomet.no/om/ansatt/trifoy/

About my presentation for “Women of mathematics” – Tromsø- 20.08.2019

My presentation is based on my phd-work, an ethnographic inspired, longitudinal research of a mathematic class in lower secondary school and the students’ relations to mathematics. The working title of my project is “A crucial time for making choices in mathematics - the development of mathematics identities in lower secondary school”.

After spending almost a year in this class, I realized that there was a gender pattern according to the students’ relations to-, and their performance in mathematics.  I will like to share with you what gender patterns I have recognized in this class and I will present some of the students’ cases as well. In addition, I will draw on some issues presented in my article published in Educational Studies in Mathematics, 2018; Clever girls’ stories: the girl they called a nerd. (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10649-017-9801-4)

I will present reasons for why I think there is a need for discussing why gender and mathematics matters in Norwegian classrooms.

My professional work:

I have been a teacher in mathematics in lower secondary school for 17 years, before I started my work as a teacher educator in mathematics at Oslo Met in 2015. Since 2016, I have been doing my phd-research, which aims to illuminate how a group of students develop their relation to mathematics through lower secondary school. I plan to submit my thesis during the autumn 2020.


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Når: 20. august 2019 kl. 15.00–18.00
Hvor: Store Auditorium B302, Realfagsbygget (Hansine Hansens veg 56)
Studiested: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne, inviterte
Kontakt: Cordian Riener

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