The Forbidden North

CNN arbeider for tida med å utvikle eit nytt prosjekt: "The Hidden & Forbidden
North? Commercial and Cultural Exchange ultra Bergas 1300–1750." (arbeidstittel) 

Planen er å søkje forskingsmidlar i 2020.

I samband med humaniora-evalueringa (HUMEVAL) i 2017, fekk CNN ein del forskingsmidlar for vidare nettverks- og utviklingsarbeid. Ein del av pengane brukar me til å arbeide ut eit nytt, større tverrfagleg forskingsprosjekt som er meint å vera eit sentralt arbeidsområde for kjernegruppa i CNN i åra framover.

Samandrag om prosjektetet

The High North is currently subject to increasing commercial and cultural interest. A changing political and ecological climate has reoriented maritime traffic and widened the access to northern resources. A similar development can be traced in a multitude of written and material sources from the late medieval and early modern era. A comprehensive and integrated study of these sources will shed light on the challenges of balancing different interests in the region. By examining both the normative and practical dimensions of contact in the High North, we will demonstrate that the activities of regional actors often diverged from the regulatory framework implemented by central state authorities. This will provide new and valuable insights into the dynamic processes of regional, national and international integration and their relevance for societal developments in the north, historically and today.

Aktivitetar i samband med utvikling av prosjektet

  • Workshop i Lübeck 2.-5. desember 2018
  • Konferanse i Bergen, 14.-17. september 2019
  • Workshop på Shetland, august 2020