The Artic Centre for Welfare and Disability Research (ASVF)

The Arctic Centre for Welfare and Disability Research (ASVF)

The researchers at the Arctic Centre for Welfare and Disability Research are concerned with people in vulnerable positions and people with disabilities. We research their participation in society, such as at school, in work, in their free time, etc. We are particularly concerned with factors that promote or hinder their opportunity to participate in society. Inclusive research is central to us, and we continuously work to include those concerned in our research. We arrange a PhD-course entitled 'Disability and inclusion research'.

The Centre's competence lies in its interdisciplinary approach, qualitative research expertise, and collaborative efforts, all aimed at enhancing equality and participation for vulnerable groups in the circumpolar north.

The Arctic Centre for Welfare and Disability Research is anchored at the Department of Social Education and is located at UiT the Arctic university of Norway in Harstad.

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We conduct research within the themes of disability, welfare, ethnicity, culture, migration and public health. The topic is explored both at individual and system level, with a particular focus on equality and participation in the arenas of home, school, work, culture and leisure. Contextually, we work in the circumpolar north, where, among other things, the indigenous perspective is in focus.

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in sociology, psychology, pedagogy, theatre studies, social care, political science, and law. 

We collaborate with partners both national and international. We have signed agreements with for instance 'Bergsodden' nursing home, where we engage in practice-oriented research. We work with Dissimilis, NFU, BufDir, INKO and other organizations etc. In addition, many of the researchers are active participants in national and international professional networks in the areas of disability, migration and culture.