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Gaia Arctic Summit

Gaia Arctic Summit will be held on June 6-7, 2024 in Sortland

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Ar2CorD Seminar 30th of May 2024 at 10:00 – 12:15 (GMT, IS) An online event

30th of May 2024 at 10:00 – 12:15 (GMT, IS)

An online event, the link will be provided after registration

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Expanding Upon Circulus Project: Nordland Betong and Partners Receive NOK 3 Million for Environmentally Friendly Concrete Project

Nordland Betong and partners from across the country have secured NOK 3 million in support from Samfunnsløftet for MILBET project. This intiative aims to develop enviromentally friendly concrete solutions, driven by insights from the collaboration with the Circulus project led by UiT, The arctic University of Norway.



Ar2CorD Project Presentation on Concrete Professionals Day Conference

At the Concrete Professionals Day conference, held at the arctic University of Norway (UiT) narvik campus, Iveta Novakova, the project leader of Ar2CorD and Rekik Derso, a Ph.D. candidate in the project delivered a brief presentation introducing the Ar2CorD project to attendees.



A researcher from UiT participated at GNP 2024 conference

Discover the latest developments in geopolymer research as UiT - The Arctic University of Technology, in collaboration with Cracow University of Technology, shares insights from the GEOSUMAT project at the 9th International Conference “Civil Engineering – Science and Practice” in Montenegro.

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GAIA day will take place on Earth Week 2024, 24th of April at Luleå Tekniska Universitet (LTU). Under the general theme of LOW CARBON FUTURES AND SUSTAINABLE CITIES, the event will showcase the benefits of Arctic cooperation.

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Researchers from University of Oulu participated in a research seminar and conference

Adeolu Adediran and Priyadharshini Perumal, representing the University of Oulu, presented their research on sustainable concrete materials at the esteemed Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) and Conference (GRC) in California.

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Researcher from UiT participated in a research seminar and conference

Ashfaque Ahmed, a PhD candidate at UiT Narvik, recently participated in the esteemed Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure Development held at Ventura Beach Mariott, California, USA.

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GEOSUMAT received the Icelandic innovation award from the president of Iceland

Announcing the remarkable achievement of GEOSUMAT: winner of the Icelandic Innovation Award.

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Betongfagdagen 2024, Vinterfestuka i Narvik 0224

We look forward to presenting a varied programme, dressing up in the world's finest outfits and turning the city upside down!
The Norwegian Concrete Association, the Norwegian Association for Concrete Rehabilitation and the Betongklyngen CIC are pleased to invite you to the Concrete Professional Day in Narvik during the Winter Festival Week 2024 in Narvik 2024.

Vi gleder oss til å presentere et variert program, kle oss opp i verdens fineste antrekk og sette byen på hodet!
Norsk Betongforening, Norsk forening for betongrehabilitering og Betongklyngen CIC har gleden av å invitere til Betongfagdagen i Narvik under Vinterfestuka 2024 i Narvik 2024.


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New Article Published in Pre-Prints

The effect of raw materials and mechanical activation stages on properties of foamed concrete.

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Introducing a Development of a Project Website

GEOSUMAT in Cracow University of Technology

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Field Station Visit

Austefjorden Field station visit for concrete testing in a marine environment around Bergen



CircBoost meeting in Sortland

Progress within the CircBoost project

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Exciting News: Introducing Our New Researchers Sofia Kekez and Janis Baronins Joining DeTeA Research Group!

We are delighted to introduce two new researchers, Sofia Kekez and Janis Baronins, who have recently joined the esteemed DeTeA research group. Their expertise and dedication are invaluable assets that will greatly contribute to our ongoing projects.



UiT associated partner at MILBET project

A new industrial project where UiT is involved by laboratory testing of new sustainable concrete types.



ICONDE: Progress of the ICONDE project

Activities in WP5 and Baltic Research Mid-term conference

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CIRC-BOOST: Sampling of demolition object in Sortland

Researcher Iveta Novakova and laboratory leader Boy-Arne Buyle performed the mapping of concrete of the demolition object in Sortland, Northern Norway.



Ar2CorD: BM-Vallá verifying their concrete mixes based on new Swedish regulations about freeze-thaw testing

Project partner BM-Vallá initiated testing in order to see the impact of different curing conditions of concrete for freeze-thaw durability testing.



GEOSUMAT: Research published at two international conferences

A Cracow University of Technology delegation disseminated GEOSUMAT research during two international conferences in the USA and Italy.



GEOSUMAT: GEROSION promoted our activities during the Icelandic Industrial Exhibition 2023

The GEOSUMAT project was presented at the Gerosion booth at the Icelandic Industrial Exhibition 2023 (Iðnaðarsýningin 2023:

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ICONDE: Sabine Upnere participated at international conference " Optimization and Analysis of Structures "

Dissemination of ICONDE project results concerning "Application of bridging law concept to basalt fiber concrete with OSA - numerical study of mechanical test results"



Exchange student from Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Vladislav Cába performed an internship for 2 months in cooperation with the concrete laboratory at the UiT Narvik campus at the beginning of the summer 2023.

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Ar2CorD: Interreg Volunteer Youth Project Partner for the NPA Interreg project "Ar2CorD"

UiT, The Arctic University of Norway is looking for an IVY volunteer! Support developing Low Carbon Concrete for Arctic Climate.



Herøy FoU project: Installation of accelerometers at Herøysund Bridge

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Harpal Singh from UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, Campus Narvik, together with Wise Technologies from Italy, conducted a spot analysis campaign for the dynamic analysis of a concrete post-tensioned bridge in Nordland Fylke.

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ICONDE: The 5th World Congress of Latvian Scientists “Research Latvia”

ICONDE coordinator prof. A. Krasnikovs participated in the Green Transition section with the poster "New "Baltic green" fiber concrete as a solution for radiation protection and hazardous waste management”.



ICONDE: Researcher from Riga Technical University attended a conference and workshop

Sabine Upnere from RTU attended the 4th International Conference and Summer School Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms in Pizzo Calabro, Italy



CIRC-BOOST: a new Horizon project at UiT, campus Narvik

We’re pleased to announce that we officially kicked off our new project CIRC-BOOST - Boosting the uptake of circular integrated solutions in construction value chains. CIRC-BOOST is a 4-year project, funded under the Horizon Europe Programme, that focuses on testing and upscaling circular solutions in buildings and the construction sector through five pilot projects deployed in different European regions. The pilots will demonstrate, at a large-scale, novel and integrated solutions for demolition, construction waste processing, management, and valorization of new products.



Visit of Stavanger industry with Concrete Innovation Cluster

From 30th May to 1st June, Boy-Arne Buyle joined Concrete Innovation Cluster, CIC and visited the concrete and aggregates producers in Stavanger. Part of the trip was also meeting with "Via" - an innovation cluster for transport infrastructure.



Iveta Nováková's success in the prestigious CEMEX Förderpreis Beton Central Europe 2022 competition

Förderpreis Beton Central Europe is an international competition for doctoral theses on topics related to concrete. It covers all topics related to cement, alternative binders, aggregates, cement and concrete chemistry, admixtures, additives, technology and rehabilitation.



ICONDE: Summer Course “Introduction to the nuclear energy, nuclear hazards and radioactive materials management”

The Summer Course was organized at the Lithuanian Energy Institute, Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety, together with the Kaunas University of Technology, Department of Energy from the 15th of May to the 18th of May 2023 in online form.



GEOSUMAT: Participation of members at the MATBUD´2023 conference

On 18-21 April 2023, the MATBUD´2023 „10th Scientific-Technical Conference on Material Problems in Civil Engineering“  was hosted by Cracow University of Technology, Poland. The conference was mainly focused on innovative materials such as geopolymers or other low-carbon binders.



Ar2CorD: Student´s activity within project

Martin-Andre S. Husby, a master's student at UiT Narvik, is conducting research on the durability of low-carbon concrete made with supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs).



Aleš Průcha from the Brno University of Technology visited the UiT campus Narvik

A researcher from the Czech Republic visited Narvik to establish new cooperation with members of the DeTeA research group.



Student excursion to Lofoten

The two-day lab excursion was mainly to visit a concrete plant Betong&Entreprenør in Lofoten, where the casting of fibre concrete for Richards’s master’s thesis took place. To combine the pleasant with the useful, an excursion to the local museum and team building of UiT concrete laboratory staff and students who are conducting their thesis or have a part-time job in the laboratory were linked.  Lofoten is a beautiful part of Norway and is worth visiting for local and international students.

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Fredrik Skugghei, graduated bachelor student from UiT, his experience during thesis work and his new job



Master students Marie-Laure and Dario: Analysis of early-age properties of geopolymers with various waste materials

Geopolymers are one of the most advanced forms of concrete and mortar in this era. It is also an innovative and environmentally friendly building material compared to traditional cement-based alternatives, as they use mostly waste and industrial by products. The world of geopolymers is relatively young and unexplored, but has some deep roots in the past, as some, like Joseph Davidovits, who have dedicated their life to Geopolymer, made possible connections with the Egyptian pyramids, Tiwanaku and other ancient monuments.



GEOSUMAT: Seminar and consortium meeting in Narvik

Initial dissemination and alignment of project progress in March 2023



CIRCULUS: Summary and presentations from the "Crushed concrete as aggregate" workshop

The Concrete Innovation Cluster organized a workshop "Crushed concrete as aggregate" in cooperation with the Norwegian Concrete Association.



Betonfagdag 2023 during the Winter Festival Week in Narvik

The Betongklyngen CIC, in collaboration with the Norwegian Concrete Association and the Norwegian Association for Concrete Rehabilitation, is pleased to invite you to the Concrete Professional Day 2023 hosted by UiT The Arctic University of Norway



ICONDE: Master student from UiT did part of his work at Nordland Betong in Fauske

Master student Richard-Mathias Klausen chose a thesis focused on the impact of aggregate type on fibre concrete performance.



CIRCULUS: Visit of project partner Nordland BetongElement

The hollow core slab producer Nordland Betongelement is one of the industrial partners in the Circulus project and actively implements processes that lead towards waste reduction.



Ar2CorD: Kick-off meeting in Narvik

Project main partners met during the hybrid kick-off meeting. The meeting lasted for two days, and besides discussions about planned activities, all participants got to know each other and established closer contact.



Visit from Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Martin Mohapl from Brno University of Technology visited UiT and met the DeTeA research group.



CYSENI 2023 Conference Invitation

This year the conference will be held in Kaunas, Lithuania, from May 23 to 26, 2023.



ICONDE workshop at Lithuanian Energy Institute

ICONDE project workshop covering radioactive/nuclear waste management and other project topics was held at the Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) on September 12-14, 2022, in Kaunas, Lithuania

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GEOSUMAT: Gerosion hosted the EU ambassador

Earlier this month Gerosion hosted the EU ambassador to Iceland, Lucie Samcova-Hall Allen, at their facility in Árleynir

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Achievements of DeTeA research group during 2022

Let‘s summarise the successful year 2022 and wish everyone Marry Christmas and a prosperous 2023.

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Expansion of UiT Narvik collaboration to Central Asia

The HK-dir Project (CPEA-ST-2019/10029) Academic Cooperation in Post-graduate Engineering Education led by Prof. Mohamad Mustafa from UiT and Prof. Hong R. Kim from Nazarbayev University, funded by Direktoratet for høgare utdanning og kompetanse.



ICONDE: Scientific events participation of RTU and UiT representatives

Two public events took place during October 2022 where Andrej Krasnikov and Iveta Novakova presented ICONDE project findings.



ICONDE: Summer Course "Introduction to the nuclear energy, nuclear hazards and radioactive materials management"

May 15 – 18, 2023: Online Summer Course for the PhD students and young scientists organized by Lithuanian Energy Institute in the frame of ICONDE Project (Innovation in concrete design for hazardous waste management applications – EEARESEARCH-165)



UiT is active in cooperation with industries and infrastructure owners in Nordland county

The project meeting for Herøy FoU and initiation of collaboration with Alcoa took place in Mosjøen



The Concrete Lab in High North News: interview with Boy-Arne Buyle

Here at the concrete and aggregates laboratory at UiT in Narvik, we are a national body that takes part in all issues surrounding concrete, and further development. In addition, we have very close contact with the industry, explains Buyle, as he retrieves one sample after another taken from, among other things, quay and road facilities in the north, says Boy-Arne Buyle...

More about that in the interview, which you can see on Youtube interview.



CIRCULUS: New Roll-up banner has been published

The roll-up banner for the official presentation of the CIRCULUS project with the description of the work packages is now online.



CIRCULUS: Dry cleaning of concrete trucks saves the environment hundreds of liters of water

Large amounts of water are used to wash the concrete trucks that return to the production facilities, and now researchers have looked at how Mapei's product Re-Con Zero can help to minimize water consumption.



ICONDE: Research Mobility at Riga Technical University

ICONDE project involves PhD students from all partner institutes and their cooperation is encouraged by exchange training and research mobilities.



GEOSUMAT: Berlin brainstorming

Ladies of GEOSUMAT met in Berlin during the 7th International Workshop on Concrete Spalling due to Fire Exposure.

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DeConcrete: Oulu representative visited Rudus Betoni, Helsinki

Priya Perumal from UOULU made an industrial visit to the ready-mix concrete facility of Rudus Oy at Betonintie, Helsinki. Concrete production, logistics and quality assurance have been honed in Rudus to serve the customer reliably and responsibly. Rudus also maintains versatile and sufficient equipment, which makes handling and moving concrete easier, even in difficult construction site conditions.

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Herøy FoU project will save 100 billion: Research can prevent bridges collapses

The Herøysund bridge in Herøy municipality on the Helgeland coast is to be used as a test pilot in a new research project. UiT is part of a project that could have implications for bridges around the world.



GEOSUMAT: Participation in the ECPPM 2022 Conference in Trondheim

Václav Venkrbec from DeTeA was looking for new insights and ideas in Trondheim, where one of this year's biggest BIM events in the north took place.

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DeConcrete: Workshop in Bodo and industrial visits

Partners of the DeConcrete project were active in participating in a two-day workshop organized by the Concrete Innovation Cluster (CIC) in Bodo by August 2022.



DeConcrete: Participation at XXIV. Nordic Concrete Research Symposium 2022

The event took place in Stockholm between 16th and 19th August 2022, and was organized by the Swedish Concrete Association. UiT was represented by Iveta Nováková and Václav Venkrbec who are part of DeTeA research group.

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UiT at new Glimt stadium as a research support

Participation of UiT at new Glimt stadium as a research support

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DeConcrete: Participation at Gordon Research Conference "Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure Development - Cement Based Materials: Reaching Net Zero"

Despite that the DeConcrete project has undergone restructuring in recent months, project representatives from Oulu university Priya Perumal and Iveta Novakova from UiT keep the good research and social spirit by attending Gordon Research Conference (GRC) in Italy.



Drone technologies used for digital elevation models in Iceland

Associate professor Eirik Gjerløw recently completed a 12-day Erasmus training stay in Iceland.

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GEOSUMAT: Geopolymer Summer School, Cracow

Cracow University of Technology, Poland, 5 – 16 July 2022



GEOSUMAT: Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the GEOSUMAT project took place shortly after most of the contracts with local funding agencies were signed

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AB3C Arctic Building and Construction Competence Cluster

Participation of Iveta Novakova and Leif-Gunnar Hanssen at AB3C Arctic Building and Construction Competence Cluster

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Researchers from University of Oulu participated in a research seminar and conference

Adeolu Adediran and Priyadharshini Perumal, representing the University of Oulu, presented their research on sustainable concrete materials at the esteemed Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) and Conference (GRC) in California.

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Introducing a Development of a Project Website

GEOSUMAT in Cracow University of Technology



A Trip to Sortland

Progress within the CircBoost project



CIRCULUS: Erasmus+ student Niels Haond participated in the DeTeA research

Niels has spent the last semester of his master studies on the UiT campus in Narvik conducting all tests and writing a thorough thesis needed to finish his masters degree in Belguim. This is a letter explaining his view of the time spent in Narvik.



DeConcrete: Summer student intern - André Nascimento Costa

André joinend the UiT concrete lab team for 2,5 months and got a chance to work on and be funded from the DeConcrete project.

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Nord-PIANC 2022

Boy-Arne Buyle from UiT participated in Nord-PIANC 2022 technical meeting in Akureyri, Iceland.



Concrete laboratory Erasmus+ student Matyáš Haruda

Matyáš is a student from Czechia and has spent his two months at UiT Narvik working on project websites and in the laboratory under the supervision of Iveta Nováková.