Building Materials: design-testing-application

The DeTeA  "Building Materials: design-testing-application" research group is being established in order to coordinate existing projects and aline future research topics with the UiT´s strategy. Most of the existing projects and submitted applications in the past two years were focused on sustainability, circular economy, circular material flow and locally available raw material resource management. This area complies with UiT strategy, which is focused on sustainability and climate change´mitigation.
The main topics for the research group will be:
  • Development and design of building materials,
  • Testing methods for building materials - (in laboratory and on-site and implementation of developed/researched materials)
  • Innovative test methods and overall optimization towards industry.
These topics will have unified goals to build a solid foundation for building material research, support establishment of the master educational program focused on building materials in English so we can utilize the potential through Erasmus in Europe and other programs in the rest of the world, establish a team of experts in the field of building materials technology, testing and application which can apply for national and international projects with industrial or academic cooperation.




The DeTea research group spreads its research and teaching activities within several laboratories at UiT:


Outputs can be found in the CRISTIN system, sorted by project:


Members of the DeTeA research group acts as lecturers and supervisors at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Campus Narvik. As part of the solved projects, several bachelor's and master's diploma theses were created and successfully defended under the guidance of DeTeA members.

If you are interested in writing a bachelor's or master's thesis on topics related to the projects being solved, do not hesitate to contact us.

Lists of defended theses are available here:


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DeTeA – Building Materials: design-testing-application

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