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CARE is an interdiciplinary research center that focus on decision making under uncertainty. Check GUESSED - our main project.

In Skredpodden we talk about avalanche decision making. We will launch new episodes every week. In addition we will have news podcast when there are particular things happening through the winter. 

You will also find Skredpodden at all major podcast sites - so look us up and stay tuned. You can also find us at

The podcast is in Norwegian - and is a collaboration between CARE and NVE.  

Latest news

To try to answer some of the important questions we need to follow people over time. In the CARE panel we try to gather a large and diverse crowd of people navigating avalanche terrain. A few times every season we will ask the participants to answere some questions. For those interested we will also collect GPS tracking information.

This will allow us to answer new and important questions like: How do we develop ability to make sound desicions in avalanche terrain? Do experience improve decision making? What kind of avalanche training seems most sucessfull? Or just, who goes where when? 

We belive this can have a real impact - but we can not do this without you, so join the panel!

Information to participants on how we treat your data - click here

Join the CARE panel here:

CARE panel recruitment survey

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CARE – Center for avalanche research and education

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