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CARE is an interdiciplinary research center that focus on decision making under uncertainty. Check GUESSED - our main project.

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A ten year longitudinal study to answer some of the most important questions

The carepanel is a ten year long study where we follow people that venture into avalanche terrain. In this study we would like to follow as many people as possible to learn and understand what people know, how they evaluate risk, how they make decisions, how values and attitudes impact decision making for the better or worse.

9 out of 10 fatal avalanche accidents are triggered by the victim or someone in their party. By improving decision making we may save lives.
Many of the important questions on the impact of human factor is difficult or impossible to answer by normal studies. By following a large number of people over time we are able to understand how education or experience impact people’s perception of risk and their following decisions. We are also able to track the impact of education or experience and compare people with different levels of skill or experience.

We belive this can have a real impact - but we can not do this without you, so join the panel!

For more information visit the carepanel website

Avalanches fatalities are human triggered. This means that if we can improve decision making we can save lives. CARE is therefore working in close collaboration with a range of different user groups to bring our findings back to the people navigating avalanche terrain. We do so through avalanche seminars, workshops, conferences, media or our own podcast skredpodden.

In Skredpodden we talk about avalanche decision making. Find Skredpodden where you listen to podcast and stay tuned. You can also find us at The podcast has been downloaded 100 000 times and rank among the top 5% in popularity. This Scandinavian podcast is produced by CARE and NVE.  


In avalanche terrain people in different constelations and with different levels of skill need to take decisions with potential fatal consequences, always under time preasure and always with incompleete information. This makes avalanche terrain a very relevant case to study decision making under uncertainty. The findings from avalanche terrain can have impact far above and beyond the beautiful snow covered mountains. In the film below Andrea Mannberg tell us why avalanche terrain is interesting as a case for a professor in economy. You can also find avalanche seminars and filmed podcasts if you scroll in the video carousel below. 


CARE – Center for avalanche research and education

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