GUESSED WP1 - Expertise Elicitation

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Experts have better decision quality than non-experts: we aim to seek out, understand, and model the decisive differences that matter in avalanche terrain

WP1 examines the structure of expert decision making in avalanche terrain, with the aim of identifying how such structure can translate into a design for decision support for non-experts. The expert knowledge elicitation approach is built in several complementary strands: Strand 1: Trip Logging. We build an expert decision-making log, in order to capture which factors experts consider when making avalanche decisions, and adapt this log to suit ordinary skiers. Both log versions are tested in multiple field studies each. Strand 2: Concept validation. Experts share and rely on various taxonomies of knowledge to teach, learn, and operate in their domain, including avalanche problems and decision factors to assess in categories of snow, terrain and social. To use this knowledge for decision support, we aim to validate it with survey and data mining methods. Strand 3: Cognitive science. Experts are distinguished not only by knowledge, but how they use it. We aim to conduct controlled scenario-based studies of expert vs non-expert cognitive capacity with respect to the "taxonomies of expertise".


Benjamin Cowley
Hanna Andrea Mannberg
Gerit Pfuhl
Audun Hetland
Martin Stefan
Rong Guang
Lauri Ahonen
Markus Landrø

Financial/grant information:

Funded by NordForsk Grant 105061