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New article out: Powder Fever and Its Impact on Decision-Making in Avalanche Terrain

Does the white heat make us lose our heads? Researchers at CARE have investigated how "Powder fever", i.e., emotions experienced when we ride or expect to ride fresh snow, affect risk assessment, attention and willingness to take risk. Reassuringly, they found that, while skiing makes us happier it does not appear to impair our decision-making.  



New article out: Should I judge safety or danger? Perceived risk depends on the question frame.

This study demonstrates that risk judgments framed in terms of safety (How safe is it?) result in more cautious, conservative judgments than when framed in terms of danger (How dangerous is it?), irrespective of the objective risk of the judged object. These findings advance our understanding of the framing effect while illustrating its particular relevance for applied risk perception practices and for public hazard forecasting and information communication strategies. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2021 APA, all rights reserved)



Tromsø hosts ISSW in 2024

In 2024, the world's largest avalanche conference takes place in Tromsø.


What's economics got to do with it? Video presentation at VSSW 2020

Andrea Mannberg, was invited to give a talk at VSSW (Virtual Snow Science Workshop), on how an economist looks at decision-making in avalanche terrain.

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Are you keeping up with the (Jeremy) Joneses?

Humans are social animals. Our social side has given us a strong evolutionary advantage, and it helps us in everyday life. Sometimes, however, our need to belong and gain respect from others can push us to do things that we ideally do not want to do.


Rethinking Heuristic Traps - New article from White Heat Project in Cogent Social Sciences

What do you know about FACETS? What can we know, given the research that has been done on the topic?


White Heat in The Avalanche Review 38-4


New publication from Markus Landrø et al. in Cold Regions Science and Technology

Avalanche decision-making frameworks: Factors and methods used by experts


New publication from Audun Hetland et al. in Frontiers of Psychology

Skiing and Thinking About It: Moment-to-Moment and Retrospective Analysis of Emotions in an Extreme Sport