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Research at the Center for Language, Brain and Learning (C-LaBL) investigates how multiple languages interact in the mind/brain. By fostering collaborative research across linguistic theories, neuroscience, and language acquisi­tion/pro­cessing, we focus on the effects of multilingualism – for the languages involved, for the brains that house them, and for the learning and teaching of multiple languages.

C-LaBL is divided into three domains of study (Language, Brain, and Learning) that are linked by a cross-cutting research theme focusing on Linguistic Distance. The core work of C-LaBL investigates the interaction of multiple grammars in the multilingual mind/brain, with a main focus on the significance of lin­guistic dis­tance (simi­lari­ties/differences be­tween languages) for: (1) development, (2) crosslinguistic influence, (3) neuro­cognitive adapta­tions in the brain as a result of multi­lingual experience, and (4) instructed additional language learning.

Our work is theore­tically motivated and uses a variety of research methods, inclu­ding offline behavioral experiments, eye-tracking, electro­encephalography (EEG), and Magnetic Resonance Ima­ging (MRI).

The center is funded by the Trond Mohn Foundation and UiT The Arctic University of Norway 2024-2030. C-LaBL builds on and expands research done in the AcqVA Aurora center, which is funded by the Aurora Center Program at UiT, 2020-2026. 

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C-LaBL consists of three do­mains, Lang­uage, Brain and Learning, which are by design tightly connected and feed into each other through an overarching research theme: Linguistic Distance.

The three domains and the cross-cutting research theme of C-LaBL
The three domains and the cross-cutting research theme of C-LaBL.

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PIs: Terje Lohndal, Natalia Mitrofanova, Marit Westergaard;
Professor II: Ludovica Serratrice


PIs: Jason Rothman, Vincent DeLuca;
Professor II: Jubin Abutalebi


PIs: Roumyana Slabakova, Anne Dahl, Øystein A. Vangsnes;
Professor II: Victoria Murphy


The director of C-LaBL is Professor Marit Westergaard and the deputy leader is Professor Jason Rothman.

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