RNA and molecular pathology research group (RAMP)
Maria Perander, Kristin Fenton, Zhe Xing

About us

The RNA and molecular pathology (RAMP) research group is studying underlying disease mechanisms in autoimmune disorders and cancer. The group has ongoing studies aimed at increasing the understanding of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and lupus nephritis pathology, the role of the long non-coding RNA NEAT1 and paraspeckles in cellular stress responses and breast cancer, and the role of endogenous lipid mediators (resolvins) in the transition from acute to chronic inflammation. We collaborate closely with clinicians and employ state of the art technologies to bring forward novel diagnostic and prognostic markers, and potential targets for therapy in serious human diseases.

Research projects


Link to publications from the RAMP research group.


RNA and molecular pathology research group (RAMP)

Department of Medical Biology (MH-building)

Hansine Hansens veg 74, 9019 Tromsø


If interested in bachelor or master projects - read more about our research under "research projects" and/or contact us; Hege Lynum Pedersen, Maria Perander, Kristin Fenton, Zhe Xing

Current PhD students:

Isaac Odonkor: Main supervisor: Maria Perander

Aud Malin Karlsson Hovd. Main supervisor: Hege Lynum Pedersen

Stephanie Rose Nielsen. Main supervisor: Maria Perander

Former PhD students:

2019. "Breast cancer-associated NEAT1 in cellular stress response pathways." Seyed Mohammad Lellahi. Main supervisor: Maria Perander.

2018: "Tertiary Lymphoid Structures (TLS) in Lupus Nephritis. Induction, formation, and detection". Seyey Esmaeil Dorraji. Main supervisor: Kristin Fenton.

2018: "Immunopathology and DNase I in lupus nephritis" Kjersti Daae Horvei. Main supervisor: Hege Lynum Pedersen.

2016: "Comprehensive Analysis of Non-Coding Transcriptomes in Breast Cancer –A Next Generation Sequencing Approach" Erik Knutsen. Main supervisor: Maria Perander.

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