Breast cancer-associated long non-coding RNA NEAT1 and paraspeckles in cellular stress responses

The long non-coding RNA NEAT1 (nuclear paraspeckle assembly transcript 1) consists of two isoforms, NEAT1_1 and NEAT1_2, of which the latter is an essential architectual component of nuclear paraspeckles. NEAT1 and paraspeckles are upregulated in response to cellular stress. Abnormal leves of NEAT1 and paraspeckles are associated with serious human diseases such as cancer and neurodegenrative disorders. We aim to delineate the functional roles of NEAT1 and paraspeckles in cellular stress responses and determine the impact of abnormal NEAT1 expression in breast cancer.


Maria Perander (Principal investigator)
Ida Emilie Bjørlo
Annica Hedberg
Isaac Odonkor
Birendra Kumar Shrestha
Elin Synnøve Mortensen
Stephanie Rose Nielsen