Marine Resource Management and Development

About us

There is increasing interest in the marine environment, as coastal and marine ecosystems have exhibited a big potential for innovation and creation of economic value. Fisheries, aquaculture, renewable energy production, marine bioprospecting and tourism are among the many marine industries that participate in the "blue growth", and will have to co-exist in the marine environment.

The marine environment, however, is already under pressure. Drivers such as climate change and local environmental change are causing worry. Indeed, there is an ongoing battle for the use of sea and coastal space, which creates challenges for management, both nationally and internationally. The interests of users along with the desire for further growth must be balanced against the need for conservation.

In our research group "Marine Resource Management and Development", we study these processes of change. We study how overlapping interests and considerations are handled, what characterises management systems, and the effects of different management regimens on economic, social and environmental sustainability. We also study the interplay between science, politics, industry and society. Our research facilitates a better understanding of the complexity in marine management, which is essential for the development of integrated and sustainable solutions to effectively manage the marine environment.



Research group leader: Peter Arbo
Twitter: @MARAresearch
Web editors: Kari Elida Eriksen og Jahn Petter Johnsen
Institution: The Norwegian College of Fishery Science (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)