Pan-Arctic observing System of Systems: Implementing Observations for societal Needs (Arctic Passion)

The key motivation for the EU-funded Arctic PASSION project is the co-creation and implementation of a coherent, integrated Arctic observing system: the Pan-Arctic Observing System of Systems - pan-AOSS. It aims to overcome shortcomings in the present observing system by refining its operability, improving and extending pan-Arctic scientific and community-based monitoring and the integration with indigenous and local knowledge.

The project will streamline the access and interoperability of Arctic data systems and services, improve the economic viability and sustainability of the observing system, while working with the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON), Copernicus, GEO and other international programmes. Arctic PASSION will also co-create eight new EuroGEO pilot services serving Arctic rights holders and stakeholders, science, and policy.

Financial/grant information:

EU Horizon 2020

Grant no. 101003472