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New research: Fisheries Management in the Arctic

Lis Jørgensen, Gunnstein Bakke and Alf Håkon Hoel have published a paper in the journal Progress in Oceanography. The paper is titled “Responding to global warming: New fisheries management measures in the Arctic”.


The GATOR method

MARA has recently been involved in the project “The GATOR method”. The project has developed resources to support student learning in qualitative and quantitative methods (including GIS), and is a collaboration between the Department of Social Sciences and the Norwegian College of Fishery Science at UiT.


New research: Regulation of Offshore Waste

MARA has a new open access publication in the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. The paper describes the changing relationship between government and industry in the regulation of offshore waste from oil and gas activities in Norway.


Master students 2019/2020

MARA supervises a number of master students every year. Here is a presentation of this year’s graduates.


Start of the PRISMAS project

The PRISMAS project, led by Maaike Knol-Kauffman, recently started up. Here, Maaike writes about the aim and scope of the project:


UiT Education Award 2020


Project visit to Canada

Mara staff is involved in projects around the world. Professor Jahn Petter Johnsen has recently visited Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) where he and associate professor Signe Sønvisen are involved in a project about recruitment and retention in the fisheries sector.


Project visit from Indonesia

On the 27th-28th of January, MARA had visitors from Indonesia in relation to the project Sustainable Marine Aquaculture Development in Indonesia (SMADI).


Arctic Frontiers 2020


Opinion piece of the week: The Ocean Year 2020


New Book: Geography, Knowledge and Science

26th November 2019

MARAs Peter Arbo recently contributed to the Norwegian anthology "Geografi, kunnskap, vitenskap: Den regionale UH-sektorens framvekst og betydning" (2019), with the book chapter "Universitet og region - en sammensatt relasjon".


New research: Valuable Weather and Sea-Ice Services for the Marine Arctic Require New Forms of Cooperation

Researchers from the University of Umeå, UiT The Arctic University of Norway and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute have published and article in the journal Polar Geography.


MARA at MARE 2019