Use of Geodata in Coastal Zone Management (PhD project)

In coastal zone management we use spatial data, big data and spatial big data to obtain necessary information for management. State authorities, special interest organisations and research institutions use and deliver spatial data to the management system, usually in the shape of geodata, databases, static maps or online mapping solutions. Analysis methods used by the management system includes spatial analysis in geographical information systems (GIS) and statistical analysis.

This PhD project studies the use of spatial data and big data in coastal zone management through asking questions like

  • How is spatial data and spatial big data used in management?
  • Is spatial big data provided by universities and governments perceived differently than spatial data produced at the local management level?
  • How can we best integrate different data types in management?
  • How can Critical Data Studies and Critical Cartography contribute to our understanding of spatial data in coastal zone management?

Start: March 11. 2019
End: March 11. 2023
Unit: Norwegian College of Fishery Science

Project categories: Ph.D. Project
Academic disciplines: Social sciences / Spatial, territorial planning / Geographic information systems
Keywords: Geographical information systems / Coastal zone management / Big Data / Areaplanning / Geodata


Kari Elida Eriksen
Keshav Prasad Paudel