Educational Psychology, Inquiry and Cognition (EPIC)


Learning? It's EPIC.

Why? Because everything we know and believe about our ever-changing selves and world comes to be through learning. Understanding learning is therefore a vast and fundamental enterprise -- essential for people's own good and the good of society.


Our aim 

Through learning research, our aim is to enhance lifetimes of robust, nimble and worthwhile growth so individuals and society may flourish.

What we do

From our roots in cognitive psychology and multidisciplinary interests, our goals are to explore and contribute to our understanding and applied use of

(1) the underlying principles and mechanisms of effective learning

(2) the contexts in which learning occurs

(3) the ways in which we can use what we learn to better support people in their learning experiences, favoring evidence-based practice.

Furthermore, we aim to critically examine engage in critical dialog about

(4) theoretical approaches to learning,

(5) the methods used to do this work, and

(6) the veracity of what we purport to know through systematic reviews of research.


Upcoming Events


Come do research with us!

Our interests are broad, and we enjoy doing research with students just as much as with colleagues from near and far. Some of our projects are already established, some projects are just getting started, and some are simply ideas we are curious to explore together with an interested student or two. See what we are up to here: Possible Thesis or Review Paper Research Topics.pptx

Note that the psychology projects vary in size and purpose:  

Projects can be chosen and/or modified accordingly.



EPIC learning-focused group members are involved in a range of courses in all of the Department of Psychology's programs:

Our members also contribute to the teaching of PhD courses (organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences). For example:


The members of the EPIC research group supervise students in all or programs. If you are interested in writing your thesis with us, see the Student Review Paper and Thesis Possibilities and Project  pages.

Institutional responsibilities

Educational Psychology, Inquiry and Cognition (EPIC)

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