Lifetimes of robust learning

Ambition: Help students learn in effective ways.

That some learning techniques are more effective than others is well-established. Despite this, students tend to spend time with ineffective techniques, even when provided with information about effective techniques. How, then, can we help students adopt more effective ways of learning? How can we help teachers help student learning?

We want to contribute to establishing evidence-based and widely applicable interventions that support students’ development of self-regulated and strategic use of effective learning techniques.

To achieve our ambition, we will:

  • Summarize research on selected topics in the field of teaching and learning
  • Test the effect of a learning to learn intervention in to large, hybrid first-year course on students’ implicit theories of self-regulated learning, their continued use of effective learning techniques, and their academic achievement
  • Test the effectiveness of providing students with instructor-made digital flashcards to enhance the use of spaced retrieval practice, academic performance, and the continued use of effective learning techniques
  • Investigate how games can support student learning


  • Ellen Nierenberg, Høgskolen i Innlandet, Norway
  • Lisa Sethre-Hofstad, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, USA


Torstein Låg
Rannveig Grøm Sæle
Frode Svartdal
Vetle Lars Wisløff Sandring
Magnus Ingebrigtsen
Tove Irene Dahl