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Use of fiber reinforcement in precast concrete elements


Element NOR AS is the first concrete element manufacturer in Norway to carry out a pilot project where the use of fiber reinforcement in concrete elements can be tested.

The concrete element industry has been waiting for several years for unambiguous calculation rules for the use of steel fiber in concrete structures. Calculation rules have been available in several countries in and outside Europe, without these calculation rules having received sufficient acceptance for use in Norway.

The project consists of five work packages that will clarify the technical basis for the future use of fiber reinforcement. These work packages consist of concept development, development of calculation tools, testing, technical advice and pilot production / skills development. The use of fiber reinforcement will bring about several environmental benefits such as improved EPD, less use of steel and simplify the production process at Element Nor.

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  • Boy-Arne Buyle
  • Iveta Novakova


The project is being carried out in collaboration with KUPA AS, Betongklyngen N3C, Arcon Prosjekt ASUIT The Arctic University of Norway and SINTEF Narvik AS.


The project is being funded by Innovasjon Norge.

Start: June 01. 2020
End: July 31. 2022
Unit: Tromsø University Business School

Project categories: Applied Research
Academic disciplines: Materials science and engineering / Building, construction and transport technology
Keywords: Concrete / Fibre reinforced concrete


Innovation Norway


Iveta Novakova
Bard Arntsen
Magne Lysberg
Klevis Xhura
Boy-Arne Persson-Buyle