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"Arctic Low Carbon Concrete with outstanding Sustainability and Durable Properties" a preparatory project led by The Arctic University of Norway in cooperation with Lulea University of Technology, University of Oulu and Reykjavik University.

ArCorD is a preparatory project and aims to develop a full application for submission under the Interreg NPA Calls 2021-2027. The full application will focus on Topic 2.3 - Promoting the transition to a circular and resource-efficient economy with particular emphasis on actions facilitating the transfer and development of solutions that promote resource efficiency, end-of-waste, and a better use of by-products in remote, and sparsely populated communities.

The development phase facilitated by the Bridging Call application will enable the development of the partnership and full concept for the full application. Furthermore, consortium partners from four different countries will conduct stakeholder analyses and map in detail the area where Low Carbon Concrete can be utilised beneficially.

The focus of the future application will be enhancing knowledge about local powder materials and waste materials that can become supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) used to reduce/partially replace cement and production of Low Carbon Concrete (LCC). Also, the solutions to the issues created by the freeze-thaw cycle encountered in Arctic conditions will be addressed to achieve a suitable evaluation system for LCC. The frost resistance issue is likely the biggest challenge/obstacle in reducing the carbon footprint of concrete.

Start: January 01. 2022
End: June 30. 2022
Unit: Department of Building, Energy and Material Technology

Project categories: Applied Research
Keywords: Concrete / natural resource extraction / Circular economy / Low Carbon Concrete


European Regional Development Fund


Iveta Novakova


  1. Low Carbon Concrete Possibilities: EPD and Regulations in Northern Periphery and Arctic (Academic lecture)