Translational Cancer Research Group (TCRG)


We identify and validate prognostic (disease outcome) and predictive (treatment effects) biomarkers from several cancer types including lung, prostate, breast, colon and sarcoma. These biomarkers are important in personalized medicine where they may contribute to treatment tailored to each patient’s specific disease profile.

We leverage a multilevel approach by including state-of-the-art multiplex immunohistochemistry using digital pathology and advanced machine learning techniques, genomic and transcriptomic profiling and functional cell assays. In our clinical trials and registry-based studies, we facilitate significant national and international research projects in areas such as lung cancer, testicular cancer, and survivorship studies.

Ultimately, our goal is to reduce side effects and increase treatment efficacy, thereby improving patient outcomes. Together, we are committed to reshaping the future of cancer care.




Formally Supervised Trainees and Lab Members

Siri Kristoffersen Master
Patrick Holmstad Master
Hallgeir Selven, MD PhD
Ådne Kristiansen Master
Anna Olsen Fossmark Master
Oda Eidem Jensen Master
Kiniena Tekie Master
Veronica Julie Sund Master
Sweet Yibio Master
Ylva Strand Master
Dagny Førde PhD
Eline Tylden PhD
Andre Berli Delgado PhD
Antia Amundsen PhD
Oda Eidem Jensen Master
Hanne Bersvendsen PhD
Veronica Julie Sund Master
Maria Jenvin Støen PhD
Erna-Elise Paulsen, MD PhD & Post-Doc
Mehrdad Rakaee PhD & Post-Doc
Thomas Kilvær, MD PhD & Post-Doc
Håkon Kjæve Master
Ragnhild Hellesnes PhD
Line V. Hjelle PhD & Post-Doc
Hanne Bersvendsen PhD
Einar Stikbakke PhD
Silje-Iren Eidissen Master
Christian Myrflott Master
Øivind Solhaug Master
Johannes Stenberg Master
Bianca Melby Master
Kaja Konstanse Skjefstad, MD PhD
Thea Grindstad, MD  PhD
Nora Ness, MD  PhD
Charles Walquist Johannessen  PhD
Sigurd Mathiesen Hald, MD  PhD
Yngve Nordby, MD  PhD
Line Haugan Moi, MD  Post-Doc
Rasha Numan  Master
Magnus Persson  Master
Helge Stenvold, MD  PhD
Andrej Valkov, MD  PhD
Samer Al-Saad, MD PhD & Post-Doc
Khalid Ibrahim Al-Shibli, MD PhD
Marte Berglund Master
Ingvild Pettersen, PhD Post-Doc
Yury Kiselev, MD Post-Doc
Marte Eilertsen, MD  PhD
Egil Blix, MD Post-Doc
Christian Melbø-Jørgensen Master
Sveinung Sørbye, MD PhD
Elin Richardsen, MD PhD & Post-Doc
Sigve Andersen, MD PhD & Post-Doc
Hege S Haugnes, MD  PhD & Post-Doc
Tom Dønnem, MD PhD & Post-Doc
Nina Helbekkmo PhD


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Translational Cancer Research Group (TCRG)

Lill-Tove Rasmussen Busund, Tom Dønnem

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