Sport, physical activity, and health

About us

The Sport, Physical Activity, and Health research group at Idrettshøgskolen, UiT is an interdisciplinary network of researchers focused on exercise, physical activity, and health. By bringing together researchers from across UiT, we aim to advance the understanding of factors related to skill and performance development in sport and the relationship between physical activity, exercise, and health. A main goal is to develop evidence-based knowledge for promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles in all segments of the population.


Research focus
Our research covers a wide range of topics, including adaptation to exercise training, physical activity and health, disease prevention and rehabilitation, and methods for measuring physical activity. Our main research areas are female athletes and physical activity in health prevention, in particular cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health.

We use a variety of research methods, including epidemiological studies, intervention studies, and methodological studies, to investigate the impact of physical activity on health across all ages.

Interdisciplinary collaboration
The group is committed to interdisciplinary research and comprises members from several departments and faculties at UiT, including School of Sport Sciences, Department of Community Medicine, Department of Psychology, Department of Computer Science, Department of Education, Department of Health and Care Sciences, and Norwegian Centre for E-health Research.

Research labs
Our research group runs three state-of-the-art physiology labs, located at our Alta and Tromsø campuses, as well as at the Alfheim research and training lab. These labs are equipped with advanced measuring equipment that allows us to conduct comprehensive testing of endurance, strength, and power, providing us with valuable insights into the physiological responses to exercise and training.




Associate members