Healthy Choices

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Healthy Choices

Studenter sitter i sirkel og smiler på plen
How can we work together to reduce social inequalities in health? Photo: David Jensen, UiT

In modern welfare states like Norway, all citizens have in principle equal access to education, and health services. Yet health inequities between population groups increase. Why? What can we do to successfully reduce social inequalities in health?

Healthy Choices aims to expand knowledge about how policy and interventions could improve population health and reduce health inequalities between groups, geographic areas and gender.

Our work includes ongoing and planned research on health behavior and social inequalities in health carried out at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in collaboration with national and international partners.

Read the full proposal Healthy choices and the social gradient in the pdf-document

To menn og tre kvinner sitter i ei trapp og smiler mot kamera.
The Healthy Choices´ leader group welcome you to our autumn seminar. Foto: Elin Glad

Welcome to our seminar!

Healthy Choices and the social gradient invite you to our Autumn Seminar on User Involvement in Population Research – Participation, dialogue and practice. 

How do we produce relevant and nuanced knowledge about what it takes to create a good life? How do we make sure that everyone is heard? And how can we work together to reduce the distance between knowledge and policy to ensure the knowledge is put into practice?

Healthy Choices and the social gradient invite researchers, colleagues, policy makers, NGOs and others to discuss how we can create framework conditions for good lives. The seminar is held partly in English.

Read more and sign up here!

Nyheter og forskningsfunn

Collaborate with us

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Being physically active is important in all phases of life.Photo: Marius Fiskum

Are you working with projects or issues related to public and population health, health behavior or health inequalities?

The Healthy Choices researchers are keen to collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organizations, media outlets, production companies and others. We are open to new and innovative ways to communicate our research to policy makers, agenda setters and the public.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Send an email to our Project Coordinator, Camilla Flåten:


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