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The Children and Youth Health Research Group is working to gain new insights into the health and diseases of children and young people to contribute to improving treatments and preventive methods. We're involved in research within the fields listed above. Click on the various links to see the projects we're currently working on.



Veronika Rypdal: "Prediction of unfavorable outcome in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and assessment of the long-term outcomes in JIA-associated uveitis – A prospective Nordic multicenter study of JIA from childhood to adulthood" (disputas 21. mai 2021)

Lotte Olsen: "Exploring and Targeting Novel Cancer Networks in Multidrug Resistant Neuroblastoma" (disputas 19. juni 2020)

Øyvind Holsbø: "Hald Molecular aspects of high-risk neuroblastoma and novel therapeutic opportunities" (disputas 29. mai 2020)

Maria Pain: "Exploring the pangenome of Staphylococcus haemolyticus. Colonisation, hospital adaption, pathogenicity and novel species identification" (disputas 03. april 2020)

Peter Utnes: "Exploring the landscape of high-risk neuroblastoma using next generation sequencing and bioinformatics" (disputas 26. september 2019)

Swapnil Parashram Bavsar: "Drug resistance and the functional role of microRNAs in neuroblastoma" (disputas 14. juni 2019)

Jon Fjalstad: Antibiotic Therapy for Neonatal Sepsis - Studies on epidemiology, gentamicin safety, and early adverse effects of antibiotics(disputas 25 mai 2018)

Eirin Esaiassen: «Antibiotics and probiotics to neonates-Adverse effects, impact on gut microbiota and antibiotic resistome, and Bifidobacterium pathogenicity» (disputas 16. februar 2018)

Martin Sørensen: The role of Staphylococcus aureus in allergic disease and cross-reactivity in fish allergy(disputas 29. september 2017)

Elisabeth Bania: "Educational Footprints and Psychosocial Factors in Multicultural Contexts in Arctic Norway – A Cohort and Registry Data Study among Sami and Non-Sami Students, 2003–2012" (disputas 17. februar 2017)

Sara Roth "MicroRNAs and Drug Resistance in Neuroblastoma" (disputas 2.-3. februar 2017)

Christian Eckhoff "Multisite musculoskeletal pain in adolescence - The relationship with psychosocial problems, mental health and later welfare benefit receipt" (disputas 17. august 2016):

Inger Pauline Landsem "Results from the Tromsø Intervention Study on Preterms until children’s age of nine.  The influence of structured early parental guidance on behavior-emotional development and well-being among children born preterm and parenting stress in their families" (disputas 26. februar 2016)

Børge Idar Mathiassen "IQ as a Predictor and Moderator of Children's Mental Health Status" (disputas 27. mai 2015)


Niklas Bernhard Stabell "Associations of widespread pain sensitivity, comorbid chronic pain and psychological distress with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and abdominal pain"  (disputas 25. september 2014)

Nils Thomas Songstad "Cardiovascular adaptation in pregnancy -  Effects of angiotensin II, transverse aorta constriction and high-intensity interval training on pregnant rats"  (disputas 18. september 2014)

Pauline Cavanagh "The coagulase negative staphylococci; molecular studies on Staphylococcus haemolyticus and novel treatment of staphylococcal biofilms in vitro and in vivo”  (disputas 25. januar 2013)

Thomas Schopf “Using the internet to manage atopic eczema” (disputas 21. juni 2013)

Bjørn Helge Haug “miRNAs in MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma” (disputas 16. august 2013)

Hildegunn Norbakken Granslo "Staphylococcus eidermidis. Virulence factors and innate immune response" (disputas 21. januar 2012)

Per Håkan Brøndbo "Assignment of mental health diagnoses and severity : effectiveness and reliability of online standardized assessment instruments" (disputas 26. september 2012)

Ellen Nordal "Disease activity and outcome in juvenile idiopathic arthritis - a longitudinal cohort study in the Nordic countries" (disputas 16. mai 2012)

Jochen Büchner MYCN and microRNAs in neuroblastoma (disputas 30. september 2011)

Solveig Marianne Nordhov A randomised clinical trial on the impact of early intervention on parental child-rearing attitudes and cognitive, motor and behavioral outcomes in preterm infants (disputas 23. september 2011)

Elizabeth Gladys Aarag Fredheim Biofilms of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci; more pieces to the Puzzle (disputas 16. juni 2010)

Jørn Remi Henriksen "Targeted MYCN suppression and its effect on miRNAin neuroblastoma" (disputas 3. desember 2010)

Per Ivar Kaaresen "Aspects of outcome in children born prematurely and effects of an early intervention program" (disputas 1. februar 2008)

Claus Andreas Klingenberg "Coagulase-negative staphyloccocci and neonatal infections: Studies on epidemiology, antibiotic resistance, virulence factors and treatment" (disputas 16. juni 2006)



Anne Cecilie Javo "Child-rearing and child behavior problems in a Sami population. A cross-cultural study of families with preschool children" (disputas 30. september 2003)

Siv Eli Kvernmo "North Norwegian adolescents in a multiethnic context: A study of emotional and behavioural problems, ethnic identity and acculturation attitudes in Sami, Kven and Norwegian adolescents" (disputas 16. juni 2000)

Marite Rygg "Expression of serum amyloid A genes during experimental inflammation and fetal and neonatal Development" (disputas 15. juni 1996)

Cathrine Foyn Bruun "Serum amyloid a proteins separated by two-dimensional electrophoresis with immobilized pH gradients: Methodological, experimental and Clinical studies" (disputas 15. mai 1998)

Tore Jarl Gutteberg "Lactoferrin as an acute phase reactant a study focused on infections and the acute phase reaction" (disputas 25. mai 1991)

Lauritz Bredrup Dahl "Hyaluronal in foetal development. A study on hyaluronan in the foetus and the foetal fluids" (disputas 8. april 1989)

Trond Flægstad "Serological response to BK virus infection" (disputas 30. april 1988)

Gudmund Olav Marhaug "Serum amyloid A protein (SAA) - an acute phase reactant related to secondary amyloidosis" (disputas 3. desember 1983)



Kåre Sten Olafsen "Precursors of regulatory competence in term and preterm infants: The influence of a sensitizing intervention on temperament and social communication during the first year of life" (disputas 13. juni 2008)


The research group includes university employees and other researchers affiliated with the Children and Youth Department and the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Department (BUK, UNN), as well as those with pure university positions linked to the Pediatric Research Laboratory at the Faculty of Health Science of the University of Tromsø.

The strategy of the research group is based on the research strategy of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Tromsø, and UNN/Northern Norway Regional Health Authority.

1. Primary Goal (long-term)

Generate new knowledge about the somatic and mental health and diseases of children and youth to better prevent and treat them.

2. Annual Sub-Goals

  • Complete 2 new doctoral degrees
  • Secure external funding for 2 new PhD candidates/postdoctoral researchers
  • Recruit 1 new master's student and 1 new medical research student

Research Focus

We will research areas where, in collaboration with others, we excel, aiming to produce publishable results in reputable journals (neonatology, infections, oncology, child and adolescent psychiatry, allergy, rheumatology).

In other fields, we will seek external expertise (fetal physiology, obesity, pain, epidemiology) to conduct quality research that stimulates clinical activities.

Research Fields BUA and BUPA

  • Premature Intervention Project
  • Infections (biofilm, staphylococci, microbiome)
  • Cancer (neuroblastoma, clinical cancer research)
  • Rheumatology
  • Mental disorders
Most projects involve collaboration with other groups on-site and internationally

Fit futures

Epidemiological and clinical examination of all 1st-year students in high school in Tromsø. This has been repeated for 3rd graders, resulting in numerous sub-projects, including overweight, stomach pain, iron metabolism, and fish allergy.


There is academic diversity in the research group, including representatives from various backgrounds:

  • Natural scientist/engineer, physician
  • Psychologist, nurse
  • Research line student, master's student
  • PhD candidate
  • Postdoctoral researcher/researcher/associate professor
  • Professor


  • Funding sources include internal funds from BUK, UNN, IKM, UiT, competitive grants from UNN/UiT, allocations from Helse Nord (somatic, mental, telemedical), grants from DNK, NFR, others, and EU funding.


Research Group for Child and Adolescents Health

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