Healthcare Professional Practice
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The research group aims to uncover new insights and improve the theoretical frameworks that guide healthcare professionals in their clinical practice. We focus on the pivotal role of interactions and relationships, recognizing their influence not only on the conduct of healthcare practitioners but also on our understanding of patients' life contexts and environments. We value user involvement and are committed to engaging both healthcare professionals and service users in our research processes.


Interactions and relations in healthcare

Sustainable healthcare and planetary health

Our research on interactions and relations in healthcare focus on how healthcare personell in alliance with patients and their next-of-kins make sense about health, illness and treatment experiences. Our current fields of interests are pediatrics, women's health and psychosomatic health.   Our research focuses on the many ways that health is intertwined with our natural environment and society at large. We have a particular interest in developing sustainable healthcare practices that support planetary health, and to advance education on the topic in healthcare study programs.




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Ellen C. Arntzen "The effects of and experiences from participation in GroupCoreDIST- a new, individualized, group-based, physiotherapy intervention for ambulant individuals with multiple sclerosis. A mixed methods study including a randomized controlled trial and a qualitative interview study". Main supervisor: Britt Normann. Thesis link: 


Andreas F. Lahelle “Group-based and individualized physiotherapy for persons with multiple sclerosis - A qualitative observational and interview study”. Main supervisor: Britt Normann. Thesis link:

Marit Sørvoll "Supervision in pediatric physiotherapy: an ambiguous distinction between treatment and supervision. A qualitative explorative study using observations and interviews". Main supervisor: Gunn Kristin Øberg. Thesis link:


Ragnhild B. Håkstad "Interaction and Mutuality in Physical Therapy for Preterm Infants and Their Parents. A qualitative study with observations and interviews". Main supervisor: Gunn Kristin Øberg. Thesis link:

Vår Mathisen "Brukermedvirkning i distrikspsykiatriske sentre- et interaksjonistisk perspektiv. Praktisering av "brukermedvirkning" i fellesrom og rapporter". Main supervisor: Aud Obstfelder. Thesis link:


Margrethe Kristiansen "Contradictory managment requirements and organization of daily work in Norwegian nursing homes". Main supervisor: Aud Obstfelder. Thesis link:


Britt Normann "Physiotherapy and professional clinical guidance in an out-patient clinic for people with multiple sclerosis. Body and movement in sense making and professional development". Main supervisor: Siri Moe. Thesis link:


Bente Ervik "Every day life with prostate cancer: A qualitative study of men's and spouses' experiences".
Main supervisor: Kenneth Asplund. Thesis link:

Healthcare Professional Practice

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