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Fine Art - master


Duration:2 Years
Credits (ECTS):120
Qualification:Master in Fine Art
Admission requirements:See below
Application deadline:1 March
Application code:8038 for Nordic and 2053 for International applicants

Programme description

The objective of the programme Master in Fine Art is to develop the student's ability to work as a professional artist. The programme aims to reflect the contemporary conceptions of what it means to work as a professional artist and thereby offer students the opportunity to develop their individual ambitions to work professionally in the field of fine arts. As the main objective is to educate artists, the creation of works of art, exhibitions and other artistic expressions constitutes the most important aspects in the programme of study. The programme also provides a foundation for other professional roles in and relating to the field of art.

Programme structure

Term 10 ects 10 ects 10 ects
First semester (autumn)
In addition there will be two mandatory HSE courses: HMS-0501 and HMS-0502 worth 0 ECTS
Second semester (spring)
Third semester (autumn)
Study plan is revised, changes can be done
Fourth semester (spring)
Study plan is revised, changes can be done

Learning outcomes

After passing the programme, the candidate has the following learning outcome:



General competence

Teaching and assessment

The teaching will provide the students with tools that enable them to acquaint themselves in the international art field, and to reflect on and competently discuss artistic work, produced by themselves or others, both textually and orally.

Teaching and learning activities:

Students will be evaluated through coursework requirements and examinations. Attendance requirements and assignments must be met and approved in order to qualify for examination. For detailed descriptions of requirements, see individual course descriptions. Examination and assessment methods: portfolio assessment, writtencoursework, oral presentations and exhibitions.

The grading system is Pass/Fail.

This is a full-time programme. All teaching and learning activities, except study trips, will take place in Tromsø.

Language of instruction


Exchange possibilities

In the 2nd semester, students will have the option of attending a foreign university as an international exchange student through agreements related to the programme.