The Centre for Forensic Genetics
Jon Terje Hellgren Hansen

The Centre for Forensic Genetics (RGS) at UiT The Arctic University of Norway is a public DNA analysis laboratory. The Centre is accredited for forensic genetic analyses, including analyses of biological traces and reference samples for the police and the legal system. From 2024, we will provide services for the police and the legal system on a routine basis, handling approximately 15% of all case work analysis in Norway.

As a university laboratory we have a strong focus on research and education. Our research projects focus on improving and implementing new molecular methods applied in forensic analysis case work.


Ansatte ved RGS
Employees at RGS. Photo: Jørn Berger-Nyvoll/UiT


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A key objective for RGS is to ensure that analytical work and research are integrated activities. This approach will ensure scientifically based expertise, while research and development are grounded in experience gained from working on real cases.

Forensic genetics is continually evolving as methods are improved, and new techniques are adopted. RGS is involved in several research projects aimed at enhancing the utility of biological traces, both for police investigations and evidence presentation in court. In one of our projects, we aim to map how genetic information in biological traces can be used to deduce information about the appearance of the person who left the trace, such as biogeographic ancestry, hair color, and eye color. This project is called 'The Biological Witness' and is based on the use of massive parallel sequencing (MPS).

We also have smaller projects where we explore genetic markers used in forensic genetic analyses and how methods for analyzing these markers can be improved and quality assured.

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Active projects

Inactive projects

The Norwegian broadcasting corporation (NRK) made a presentation of the "Enzymatic purification of sperm cells for forensic genetic analyses" project in 2015. You can see this episode of "Schrødingers katt" at NRK here.

Latest publications from our researchers

Biogeographical Ancestry Analyses Using the ForenSeqTM DNA Signature Prep Kit and Multiple Prediction Tools (Academic article) DOI
Association between Variants in the OCA2-HERC2 Region and Blue Eye Colour in HERC2 rs12913832 AA and AG Individuals (Academic article) ARKIV / DOI
Experimental long-distance haplotyping of OCA2-HERC2 variants (Academic article) ARKIV / DOI


RGS is responsible for the master's course MBI-3013 Human Molecular Genetics: Medical and Forensic Genetics.

We offer master's and bachelor's project within our research field. Please refer to the overview under 'Research' for more details.


The Centre for Forensic Genetics

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