Research group for Cognitive Neuroscience

We are interested in the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive functioning as well as how psychological factors can influence neural measures. While a basic-science approach is the basis of our work, we are also interested in the translation of basic findings into clinical applications.

Our lab applies different neuroimaging and psychophysiological methods, among others, EEG, fMRI, tDCS, eye-movement recordings, startle-reflex and skin conductance measures. The research group is involved in projects across a large range of topics, among others, the neural basis of pain and placebo, transcranial direct-current stimulation and the neural basis of day-dreaming (see projects).


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Selected Publications

Boayue, N. M., Csifcsák, G., Aslaksen, P., Turi, Z., Antal, A., Groot, J., Hawkins, G. E., Forstmann, B., Opitz, A., Thielscher, A., & Mittner, M. (2019). Increasing propensity to mind-wander by transcranial direct current stimulation? A registered report. The European Journal of Neuroscience.

Ørbo, M. C., Aslaksen, P. M., Anke, A., Tande, P. M., & Vangberg, T. R. (2019). Cortical Thickness and Cognitive Performance After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 33(4), 296–306.

Turi, Z., Bjørkedal, E., Gunkel, L., Antal, A., Paulus, W., & Mittner, M. (2018). Evidence for Cognitive Placebo and Nocebo Effects in Healthy Individuals. Scientific Reports, 8(1), 17443.

Åsli, O., & Øvervoll, M. (2020). Model Gender Interacts With Expressed Emotion to Enhance Startle: Angry Male and Happy Female Faces Produce the Greatest Potentiation. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 14.

Groot, J. M., Miletic, S., Isherwood, S. J. S., Tse, D. H. Y., Habli, S., Håberg, A. K., Forstmann, B. U., Bazin, P.-L., & Mittner, M. (2023). Echoes from Intrinsic Connectivity Networks in the Subcortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 43(39), 6609–6618.


Research group for Cognitive Neuroscience

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