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The PEACE research group conducts research that is interdisciplinary, reflecting the importance of different analytical approaches and methods to understand and respond to complex social phenomena related to peace and conflict. In particular, our research seek to understand the processes that bring societies together, and on ways in which peace can be built, maintained and spread. Many of the processes that aim to achieve or sustain peace often tend to exclude local communities. The PEACE research group focuses on local ownership and participation in peace processes, perspectives from below. How individuals, groups and nations navigate their way in divided societies.

Current projects


Ongoing PhD Projects

1. Reference frameworks of peace education: A study of non-formal education as a means of contextualising peace education in the global North and global South – Joakim Arnøy

This PhD project concerns itself mainly with reference frameworks used in peace education (PE). Reference framework, in this case, means a set of underlying facts, understandings, or assumptions that form the basis of inquiry, analysis, or interpretation. The project will focus on non-formal education (NFE) as the learning method of PE.

2. Popular culture and arts as a medium of alternative voice for refugees and stateless people - Mizanur Rahman

The main objective of the PhD project is to explore how refugees express their identity and make their voices heard through popular culture and arts such as poetry, songs, and photography. This project aims to provide an overview of the ecosystem of Rohingya art and culture in relation to carrying unheard voices.

PEACE – Research group

Centre for Peace Studies (CPS), UiT The Arctic University of Norway, PO Box 6050 Langnes, N-9037 Tromsø, Norway
Nedre lysthus, Huginbakken 9, 9019 Tromsø

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